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Pirmin Kalberer

Sourcepole AG Pfäffikon SZ, Switzerland

Contact: pka at sourcepole dot ch

OSGeo and other geospatial Open Source project involvements

  • QGIS: Committer - 3D Globe, OpenLayers plugin, Mapserver plugin (Plugins)
  • GDAL/OGR: Committer - Maintainer Interlis driver, multi-schema support for Postgis driver
  • UMN Mapserver: Initial Ruby bindings, ArcSDE query improvements and raster support
  • Mapfish: Committer - Ruby server implementation
  • MapLayers: OpenLayers plugin for Ruby on Rails
  • TinyOWS: Ubuntu packages
  • osgEarth: Debian/Ubuntu packages
  • OSSIM: Ubuntu packages for Ossim and OssimPlanet (now maintained by Massimo di Stefano)
  • GIS-Knoppix: Creation of the first OSS GIS Live CD