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Research interests --

  • open source (e)
  • GIS (e)
  • social computing
  • collective decision-making (participatory GIS in this context)
  • traditional knowledge
  • rural (international) development (e)
  • diffusion of technology (e)
(e) includes professional experience

Worked in (alphabetically) --

  • Bolivia (World Bank project)
  • India (rural dev NGO, WB projects)
  • Trinidad and Tobago (ECLAC/Land Tenure project, WB project)
  • USA (WB, private GIS company)

Visited on work (besides the above, of course) --

  • Ireland (IDI, Trinity College)
  • Italy (FAO)
  • Netherlands (ITC, TOOL, TU Delft)
  • UK (WCMC)