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{{OSGeo Member
{{OSGeo Member
|Name=Robert Coup
|Name=Robert Coup
|Address=Auckland, New Zealand
|Coordinate=-36.846878, 174.766721
|Coordinate=55.9533, -3.1883
|LocalChapter=OSGeo UK
|SocialMedia=Twitter: @amatix;
{{OSGeo Experience
Formerly of Auckland, New Zealand.
Co-founder and head of Technology for [https://koordinates.com Koordinates] which powers the [https://data.linz.govt.nz LINZ Data Service] and other open data portals.
GDAL committer, and contributor to Mapnik, GeoDjango and a number of other OSS projects. Have been helping to refine and improve the OGC API - Features (formerly WFS3) specification. A long-time user of PostGIS, GDAL, GEOS, Openlayers, PyCSW, and others. Mentored & coordinated Google Summer of Code projects for several years for the GDAL & Mapnik. Heavily involved in the open data space in New Zealand, and have worked on NZ data imports and improvements into OpenStreetMap. Have attended and spoke at several FOSS4G and SoTM conferences, and was on the organising team for the Linux.conf.au 2010 conference in Wellington.

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OSGeo Member
Name: Robert Coup
Job Title:
Address: Auckland, New Zealand
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