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{{OSGeo Member
{{OSGeo Member
|Name=Roberto Marzocchi
|Name=Roberto Marzocchi
|JobTitle=Civil and environmental Eng. and Dr. in geosciences
|Address=Genova, Italy
|Company=Gter srl (Italy)
|Address=Piazza De Marini
|Coordinate=44.42519, 8.88568
|Coordinate=44.42519, 8.88568
|Phone=+39 010 8694830
|Languages=italian, english, french;
{{OSGeo Experience
'''Roberto Marzocchi'''
Gter srl Innovazione in Geomatica,  Gnss e Gis
Location: Genoa, Italy
Roberto  received his PhD in Geoscience at the University of Laussanne (Switzerland) after his master degree in civil and environmental engineering at the University of Genoa (Italy). He's currently member of the research and development division within the Gter srl (http://www.gter.it) University of Genoa spin-off.
Active developer of the GIS GRASS (http://grass.osgeo.org) and QuantumGIS projects, he works using a lot of OSGEO projects (Quantum GIS, PostGIS, OpenLayers, Geoserver, Mapserver) and other related projects in the field of OGC standards like PyWPS and istSOS (https://sites.google.com/site/istssosproject/home).
;OSGeo Experience [[File:OSGeo_user.png|link=OSGeo_Advocate#OSGeo_User]]
'''Main interests'''
Natural hazards GIS embedded models,
Emergency Support System (ESS) development,
geospatial Web services development,
GIS, webGIS geoDB and webservice formation
Email: roberto.marzocchi@gter.it
Phone (work): +39 010 869 48 30
Spoken Language(s)
English, Italian
Profile last updated
March 2017

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OSGeo Member
Name: Roberto Marzocchi
Job Title:
Address: Genova, Italy
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