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{{OSGeo Member
{{OSGeo Member
|Name=Santiago Higuera de Frutos
|Name=Santiago Higuera
|JobTitle=Assistant Professor
|Address=Moralzarzal, Spain
|Company=Technical University of Madrid
|Coordinate=40.8, -3.9
|Coordinate=40.67605, -3.96626
|Languages=Spanish; English; French;
|Info=Santiago is member of the  [[OSGeo Spanish Charter Members|Spanish Language Local Chapter]] ([[Español|OSGeo-ES]]) since 2010 and member of the [[OSGeo Spanish BD|OSGeo Spanish Board Board of Directors]] since 2011. He participates actively on OSGeo-ES initiatives and [[Geo inquietos Madrid|Geoinquietos Madrid]] (a little local group part of a broader network of microchapters). He is Master Civil Engineer working as CEO at his own company, [http://mercatorlab.com Mercatorlab S.L], and as Assitant Professor at [http://www.upm.es/ Technical University of Madrid], teaching about Mathematics and Computing Science. He is member of [http://www2.caminos.upm.es/Departamentos/matematicas/WEBGIE/ Pensamiento Matemático] since 2015. Further details at [https://es.linkedin.com/in/santiago-higuera-de-frutos-746b43b linkedin].
{{OSGeo Experience
{{#umSetParam:-3.96626|40.67605|Moralzarzal, Spain|shiguera|Santiago Higuera }}
<strong>Santiago Higuera de Frutos</strong><br/>
OSGeo-ES Board Member<br/>
Ingeniero de Caminos (Civil Engineer)<br/>
Capitán de Yate (Ocean Yatch Master)<br/>
<strong>email: </strong>shiguera@osgeo.org<br/>
<strong>email: </strong>shiguera@mercatorlab.com<br/>
[[http://twitter.com/#!/santiagohiguera twitter santiagohiguera]]<br/>
[[http://www.ingemoral.es Blog Descartes]]<br/>
[[http://openlayers.bicimap.es/manualOpenLayers.html Manual Open Layers]]<br/>
[[Category:OSGeo Charter Member]]
&#123;&#123;#umUserMap: Shiguera|500px|300px|10|3|y|-3.96626, 40.675605&#125;&#125;

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OSGeo Member
Name: Santiago Higuera
Job Title:
Address: Moralzarzal, Spain
Country: [[|{{{Country}}}]]
Local Chapter: [[|{{{LocalChapter}}}]]
Instant Messaging:
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