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OSGeo Member
Name: Sittichai Choosumrong (Bomp) -.jpeg
Job Title: Lecturer and Researcher
Company: Naresuan University
Address: Department of Natural Resources and Environment,Faculty of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment,Naresuan University, Thailand 65000
City: Phitsanulok
Country: Thailand
Local Chapter: [[|{{{LocalChapter}}}]]
Phone: +66-91-767-2963
Instant Messaging: Skype: b_naytawan, LINE ID:0917672963
Website: -
Language(s): Thai, English and Japanese
Personal Description : It is my pleasure to nominate Sittichai Choosumrong (known as Bomp) for an OSGeo Charter Member. I have known Bomp for many years now, and have worked with him in Japan while he was doing his graduate schooling under Venka-sensei. Bomp regularly gives workshops and talks on various OSGeo projects, and his youthful enthusiasm rubs off on students. He is now a researcher at Naresuan University in his beloved home country of Thailand, where I am sure he will continue to promote OSGeo. He has worked very hard to promote OSGeo and I want to thank him for this.

- Jeff

I also second Sittichai's nomination. Dr.Bomp is using/extending FOSS4G for his academic work, and he actively promotes OSGeo in Thailand. He also regularly attending geospatial and open source related conferences across Asia, and would be a valuable Charter Member.

- Nick
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I graduated from Osaka City University in Japan while I was doing my graduate schooling under Venka-sensei. I regularly gives workshops and talks on various OSGeo projects. I am now a researcher and lecturer at Naresuan University in Thailand. I has working and teaching to promote OSGeo in Thailand.