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Prof. Thierry Badard is a:
* proud [http://www.osgeo.org/content/foundation/members/voting_members.html charter member of OSGeo]
* member of the [[Conference Committee | OSGeo conference committee]]
* member of the [[Francophone OSGeo Chapter | Francophone local chapter]] board, in charge of the "free software" committee
* co-founder and member of the steering committee of the [[Chapitre québécois | Quebec local chapter]]
* reviewer for the [http://www.osgeo.org/ojs OSGeo Journal]
* founding co-chair of the [http://ica-opensource.scg.ulaval.ca ICA (International Cartographic Association) working group on open source geospatial technologies].
He also contributes to the development and acts as an administrator for the following open source projects:
* [http://www.geokettle.org GeoKettle]: a spatial ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) tool dedicated to the integration of different data sources for building geospatial data warehouses.
* [http://oxygene-project.sourceforge.net GeOxygene]: an open framework which implements OGC/ISO specifications for the development and deployment of interoperable geospatial applications.
* [http://www.geo-mondrian.org GeoMondrian]: the first Spatial OLAP (SOLAP) server and it is open source!
* [http://www.solaplayers.org SOLAPLayers]: a lightweight Spatial OLAP (SOLAP) client which enables navigation in geospatial data cubes and representation of different measures on a map. It aims to being integrated into existing dashboard frameworks in order to produce to true geoanalytical dashboards.
More details about me will be provided shortly.
For further information, please visit: [http://geosoa.scg.ulaval.ca http://geosoa.scg.ulaval.ca] and [http://www.spatialytics.com http://www.spatialytics.com].
{{#umSetParam: -71.27|46.78|Quebec (Quebec), Canada|Tbadard|Thierry Badard}}
{{OSGeo Member
{{OSGeo Member
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|Name=Thierry Badard

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