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In 2014 I started an independent consulting company, Cicada Systems GIS Consulting, to provide GIS and database services to small nonprofits. My company is approved as a National Fish and Wildlife Foundation technical capacity provider. Examples of projects that I have worked on include: 1. created an open space GIS prioritization and evaluation model for Neighborspace of Baltimore County Inc. (NBCI), a land conservancy in the inner suburbs of Baltimore. NBCI seeks to improve the livability and walkability of Baltimore County by preserving land as parks and trails. 2. transitioning Adkins Arboretum's native plant database from a proprietary to open source desktop GIS and an ESRI webmapping application, 3. writing Java code to batch convert a MS Access database to static html pages.

I am committed to using and promoting open source geospatial tools to solve problems and thereby improve our world.