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Jeroen Ticheler

Jeroen Ticheler

Director, GeoCat BV

Location: Bennekom, The Netherlands

Jeroen Ticheler is founder of the GeoNetwork opensource project and director of GeoCat BV, a company delivering services around open source geospatial software with a focus on geospatial metadata catalogues and Spatial Data Infrastructures. He is a big fan, supporter and promotor of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation with strong connections throughout the OSGeo community.

Read more details on his LinkedIn profile.

OSGeo Experience OSGeo committee.pngOSGeo chair.pngOSGeo charter.pngOSGeo exboard.png
  • Founder and chair of the GeoNetwork opensource project.
  • Organizer of the yearly Bolsena Code Sprint in Italy where developers of different OSGeo projects and other FOSS4G projects gather to collaborate, initiate new projects and share ideas and experiences.
  • Served on the Board of Directors of OSGeo in 2007-2009.
  • At present moderately active on the Marketing Committee and Incubation Committee
  • Member of, the Dutch language Chapter of OSGeo
  • Participated in writing a proposal to host the FOSS4G conference in The Netherlands in 2010
  • Actively following what's going on in the OSGeo Community
  • Always promoting and supporting OSGeo's mission at customers, conferences and other gatherings by talking, giving presentations and workshops
  • OSGeo Associate Sponsor through GeoCat
Phone (work): +31681286572
Spoken Language(s)
Dutch, English, modest Italian and French
Profile last updated
21 June 2012