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{{OSGeo Member
{{OSGeo Member
|Name=Alex Mandel
|Name=Alex Mandel
|JobTitle=Geospatial Scientist
|Company=University of California, Davis
|City=/home/vulpes/Documents/qgis2cookbook-coupon.pdf /home/vulpes/Documents/qgis2cookbook-coupon.svg
|Coordinate=38.5507, -121.7339
|Coordinate=38.5507, -121.7339
|LocalChapter=California Chapter
{{OSGeo Experience
Graduate Student | [http://geography.ucdavis.edu| Geography Graduate Group] | [http://www.ucdavis.edu| University of California, Davis]
* Member of the [[California| California Chapter]]
== Conference Activities ==
* [[FOSS4G2007]] : Community Mapping using Plone
* [[AAG 2008|American Association of Geographers]] 2008 Conference in Boston, Apr 14-19th. - Open Source Course Development
* [[AAG 2009|American Association of Geographers]] 2009 Las Vegas (Panel)
* [[CGS 2009|California Geographical Society]] 2009 - Spatialite
* [[NACIS 2009|North American Cartographic Information Society]] - OSGeo Sampler (With CA Chapter members)
* [[CGS 2010|California Geographical Society]] 2010 - OSGeo Live
* FOSS4G 2014
* FOSS4G 2017
* [[CGS|California Geographical Society]] 2008 Conference in Chico, May 2-4th.
* Tabling and Organizing Session at the [[AAG 2009|American Association of Geographers]] 2009 Conference in Las Vegas
* [[Where 2.0 2009]]
* [[OSCON]] 2009
* [[CGS 2009|California Geographical Society]] 2009
== Code/Application Experience ==
* R, Python, VBA/VB, html, css, js
* Plone, Trac, Apache
* QGIS, GRASS, GDAL, OpenLayers
* Spatialite(SQLite), Postgis, MySql
* Inkscpae, GIMP, Scribus
== Projects & Committees==
* [[Live GIS Disc|OSGeo Live]]
* [[Marketing]]
* [[SAC|Systems Adminstration]]
== School Activities ==
* Organized a course to evaluate new QGIS tutorials at UCD written by a Professor who teaches intro GIS.
* Organized a directed group study of graduate students to solve a geographical problem using programming and open source software.
* Quantum GIS plugin for metadata editing [http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/qgismetaedit/]
* Cartography Course using Inkscape
* Teaching Assistant: Programming GIS with Python
=== Degrees ===
* Bachelor of Science: Wildlife, Fisheries and Conservation Biology with minors in Landscape Restoration and GIS
* Phd: Geography - Dissertation: Expanding Geography with Free and Open Source Software: Technology Diffusion, Cartography, and Data Analysis
=== Relevant Memberships ===
* [http://www.lugod.org| Linux Users Group of Davis]
* [http://daviswiki.org/GLOBAL| GLOBAL: Geography Club]

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OSGeo Member
Name: Alex Mandel
Job Title:
Address: Davis
Country: [[|{{{Country}}}]]
Local Chapter: [[|{{{LocalChapter}}}]]
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