Vienna Code Sprint 2014

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OSGeo Code Sprint 2014 official web site: Please contact us if you are interested in our sponsorship opportunities.

Gold Sponsors

Airborne Interactive Ltd




Silver Sponsors

ITS Vienna Region

Bronze Sponsors

metaspatial Institut



Venue Sponsor

City of Vienna MA 14

Other/in-kind sponsors

EOX IT Services GmbH


Get together project members to make decisions and tackle larger geospatial problems (as done last year at the Boston Code Sprint 2013 and previous years: Island Wood (2012), Montreal (2011), New York City (2010), and Toronto (2009)). This code sprint is targeting members of the "C Tribe" (e.g., MapServer, QGis, GRASS, GDAL, Proj, PostGIS, MapGuide, OpenLayers). Other tribes are welcome to join the sprint, of course, but we hope that "C Tribe" members will give this event special consideration.


The City of Vienna MA 14 gladly provides the location for the Vienna Code Sprint for up to 60 sprinters in their very new office called STAR 22.

The venue is not far from the center of Vienna (~25min via train and subway) and can be reached easily from the Vienna airport via train.

Dates and Times

March 24-28 2014

Note: March 19-21 FOSSGIS Berlin

Duration: Full week




Two blocks of rooms have been negotiated at the two hotels closest to the sprint venue, Hotel Hillinger (map) and Hotel Wiener Kindl (map). Please make your own choice.

The rooms are blocked for the sprint week i.e. 24.-28. March 2014 whereas +/- one day should be no problem.

Please find the lists of available rooms below. If you make a reservation for one of the listed rooms please indicate this by adding your name to the list. Thanks.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you need any assistance.

Hotel Wiener Kindl

# Beds Rate # Rooms Reservations Notes
1 € 65,- 3 <add your name>
2 € 80,- 6 <add your name>
3 € 90,- 2 <add your name>

The rates include breakfast buffet, sat TV, direct dial telephone, ensuite bathroom with shower, minibar, and free WLAN.

Cancellation policy:

  • Free cancellation until 7 days in advance
  • 50% fee later

These rooms are blocked until 28.02.2014. Please make your reservation via mail to "" and indicate that you're participating at the "OSGeo Vienna Code Sprint" in order to get a room of the block.

If you really want to save on budget you might consider a room with shared bathroom and sometimes also shared shower. Note that these rooms are available at the hotel as backup rooms but not recommended. You have been warned.

# Beds Rate # Rooms Reservations Notes
1 € 45,- 3 <add your name>
2 € 50,- 2 <add your name>

Hotel Hillinger

Note, in case you've seen the previous note, that today I visited the hotel again and hopefully resolved all misunderstandings.

# Beds Rate # Rooms Reservations Notes
2 € 85,- 15 are blocked of up to 50 <add your name> Most of the rooms have double beds and some twin beds. Ask for your preferred choice.
1 € 65,- Same as above but single use <add your name>
3 € 105,- 4 <add your name> 2 of the rooms can also be used as 4 bed rooms for € 125,-.

The rates include breakfast buffet, cable and pay-TV, air conditioning, direct dial telephone, ensuite bathroom with bathtub or shower, hairdryer, and free WLAN in the whole hotel. In addition they offer free usage of the climbing hall and fitness center on the other side of the street.

Accepted payment methods: cash or creditcard.

Cancellation policy:

  • Free cancellation until 7 days in advance
  • 50% fee from 7 to 3 days in advance
  • 100% fee later

These rooms are blocked until 15.02.2014. Please make your reservation via mail to "" and indicate that you're participating at the "OSGeo Vienna Code Sprint" in order to get a room of the block.


If you don't feel comfortable with both options we recommend to look for alternatives around Kagran (map) which is just a couple of stops away from the venue with the tram and also close to the city center with the subway.


Participants should plan for the following costs:

  • Travel to Vienna
  • Accommodation for four nights
  • Breakfast and dinner (partly)

Project Plans




We are planning for attendance of 50-60 participants. Please add your name and the projects you are hoping to sprint and note the likeliness of your attendance as well as any special needs.

# Participant Country Arrival Departure Accomodation Work on Notes
1 Stephan Meissl Austria first day last day home MapServer Definite - No special needs
2 Andreas Hocevar Austria first day last day family OpenLayers Definite - No hotel needed
3 Paul Ramsey Canada Mar 23 (AC6164) Mar 30 (AC9159) TBD PostGIS Booked
4 Michael Smith PDAL/MapServer Very Likely
5 Jeff McKenna CA Likely Mar 26 Likely Mar 30 MapServer, ZOO-Project, pycsw Very Likely
6 Daniel Morissette CA MapServer, GDAL/OGR Very Likely
7 Howard Butler MapServer, GDAL/OGR, PDAL Very Likely
8 Olivier Courtin PostGIS, TinyOWS Very Likely
9 Luca Delucchi IT GRASS GIS Very Likely
10 Martin Landa CZ GRASS GIS, PostGIS, GDAL/OGR Very Likely
11 Thomas Bonfort France Mar 24 midday Mar 28 MapServer Definite
12 Tamas Szekeres MapServer, GDAL/OGR Very Likely
13 Mateusz Loskot PDAL Likely
14 Paolo Cavallini QGIS Very likely
15 Markus Neteler IT GRASS GIS Likely
16 Angelos Tzotsos GR Mar 23 (OS0802) Mar 29 (OS0801) TBD OSGeoLive, pycsw/GeoPython/GeoNode, OTB, ZOO-Project Booked
17 Anne Ghisla DE Mar 24 Mar 28 GRASS GIS/QGIS/Translations Definite
18 Jachym Cepicky PyWPS/GeoPython (OpenLayers) Likely
19 Jorge de Jesus PyWPS/REST/GeoPython Likely
20 Andreas Trawoeger GRASS GIS Very Likely
21 Jeffrey Johnson GeoNode/ GeoPython Very Likely
22 Martin Paces EOxServer Very Likely
23 Fabian Schindler EOxServer/MapServer Definite
24 Gérald Fenoy FR MapServer, ZOO-Project Likely
25 Marco Hugentobler QGIS Very Likely
26 Mathias Walker QGIS Very Likely
27 Pirmin Kalberer QGIS, GDAL/OGR Likely
28 Paolo Corti GeoNode/QGIS Very Likely
29 Arnulf Christl - OSGeo, Geo for All DE Guest
30 Richard Duivenvoorde NL tbd tbd tbd QGIS, context help, vector tools Very likely
31 Tim Sutton QGIS likely
32 Marco Bernasocchi QGIS Very likely
33 Martin Dobias SK QGIS Likely
34 Hugo Mercier QGIS, SFCGAL, PostGIS Very Likely
35 Vincent Mora QGIS, SFCGAL Very Likely
36 Otto Dassau DE QGIS Likely
37 Larissa Junek DE QGIS Likely
38 Helmut Kudrnovsky AT GRASS GIS Likely
39 Giovanni Manghi PT/IT QGIS Likely
40 Luigi Pirelli ES/IT 24(VY8710) 14:30 30(VY8711) tbd QGIS Booked flight
41 Milena Nowotarska PL GRASS GIS/QGIS Likely
42 Margherita Di Leo IT GRASS GIS / INSPIRE Likely
43 Werner Macho AT QGIS Likely
44 Vasile Crăciunescu RO GRASS GIS / INSPIRE/ Open GeoData Very Likely
45 Radim Blazek CZ QGIS
46 Martin Isenburg DE QGIS, LAStools, light-weight data base Definite
47 Johan Van de Wauw BE SAGA - QGis processing, OSGeo live Likely, probably not all days
48 Andreas Neumann CH tbd tbd tbd QGIS, QGIS Web Client Very Likely
49 Denis Rouzaud CH tbd tbd tbd QGIS Very Likely
50 Peter Wells UK tbd tbd tbd QGIS Very Likely
51 Jürgen Fischer DE tbd tbd tbd QGIS Very Likely
52 Yves Jacolin FR tbd tbd tbd QGIS Very Likely
53 Stéphane Brunner CH tbd tbd tbd QGIS Very Likely
54 Arnaud Morvan FR tbd tbd tbd QGIS Very Likely
55 Alessandro Pasotti IT tbd tbd tbd QGIS, QGIS Web Client, QGIS Plugins repo Very Likely
56 Even Rouault FR tbd tbd tbd GDAL, MapServer, QGIS? Likely
57 Rob Emanuele US tbd tbd tbd GDAL Likely
58 Stefano Cavallari DE Mar 24 Mar 28 tbd GRASS/QGIS, Python Definite
59 Anita Graser AT tbd tbd home QGIS Definite
60 Kenny Shepard US tbd tbd tbd GDAL Maybe

Individual Preparation

  • Bring your own computer
  • Install git, subversion and the compiler tools, and come with a working development environment if possible


  • Is the Vienna Code Sprint just a coding event?
    • Yes, a coding and documentation event. It is a working session for people who are already participants in open source projects.
  • Will it be possible to present new projects during this event?
    • No, this is not a presentation-oriented event. People will get together in small groups and work on areas of mutual interest within their projects.

Social Activities



  • Skiing: The idea is to find a not too far away place the weekend after the sprint. Please add your name if you're interested: Stephan Meissl

Isn't it a bit late for skiing at this time of the year in eastern Austria?