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This page is about tracking and projecting VisCom's expenses.

All amounts are in US dollars.


Our expenses lie in the following areas:

  • CafePress store - This is a promotional activity, not designed to raise much money. My goal is to at least earn enough to cover the cost of the store ($100/year); anything above that is pure profit to fold back into the VisCom coffers (<$1000 certainly). As such, I'm not going to factor it into the below budgets.
  • Major Shows - This is for shows at which we have a large presence, e.g. a booth and multiple attendees. Our expenses will include floor expenses (booth, rentals, etc, etc), shirts and other swag, printing, T&E, etc. Sponsorship of a show, such as at OSCON, will not be included in the VisCom budget. Examples: EuroOSCON, OSCON, Where2.0. (Need to get historical data on how much we have spent per show.)
  • Minor Shows - This is for shows that we have a small presence at; no booth, but maybe a few speakers, maybe loan of some booth space from Autodesk, maybe some chances to give away some shirts and such to some VIPs. Example: GeoWeb 2006. (Need to get historical data on how much we have spent per show.)
  • Foss4G - This one really needs to be it's one board-level budget item, big enough that it is not really isn't under VisCom's purview. Included here only for completeness.
  • Discretionary Swag - When someone in OSGeo has an interesting small event coming up, or an opportunity to meet with someone important, shirts or equivalent swag are nice gifts. Examples: door-prize at for a talk an OSGeo member is giving at a local user group; organizer of a conference that gave us a speaking slot.(Need to get historical data on how much we have spent to date.)
  • Booth - We will probably need our own booth(s) in CY07. Not to be dealt with in CY06.
  • Logo and brand work - We would like to have professional help in preparing OSGeo's logo, presentation templates, etc. This is a large one-time cost in CY06, with smaller, as-needed contractual support in CY07.
  • Collateral - Cost to design/prepare collateral is small; will be done by volunteers, possibly with small design consulting work if req'd. Actual printing and shipping costs will be covered on a per-show basis.

CY06 Budget

Given the above types of expenses, how much do we need for CY06?

First, we need to know how many major and minor shows we expect. Let us assume, lacking any other info, That we have 3 minor shows left for 2006 (and no major shows).

Item Description Min Max
3 minor shows printed materials, give-away swag $750 $3000
Discretionary Swag some shirts and such, plus shipping $200 $800
Logo and Branding logo design work, other design work $500 $10000

2007 Budget

Item Description Min Max
Promotional Materials printed materials, give-away swag $3000 $12000
Booth 1-3 easily shippable booths $5000 $15000
Promotional Travel travel, hotels, entertainment (6-12 conferences) $18000 $36000
Conference Fees fees for booth space (6-12 conferences) $36000 $72000