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List of tasks to be done by Web Committee. Eventually I imagine this should be handled by the bug (artifact?) tracker but I don't know how to use that properly yet.


Frank's Suggestions

Short Term

  1. Update the OSGEO Website Terms of Service on the web site.
  2. Setup mechanism for people to create accounts website user accounts on their own.
  3. Setup WebCOM mailing list, and get committee members on it!
  4. Setup feedback mechanism for web site. I suppose this ought to be creating artifacts in the bug system, but a feedback email list might be more appropriate.
  5. Recruit more members on discuss list. What skills are most valuable?
  6. Fix the SSL Certificate issue when entering the site (maybe don't use always https?)

Medium Term

  1. Setup WebCOM web page, with "mandate" and policies and procedures.
  2. Work on web site overall style.
  3. Ensure that WebCOM members can update all appropriate web pages (ie. osgeo.org, webcommittee.osgeo.org, board.osgeo.org, etc).
  4. Hold an OSGeo Logo Contest.
  5. Flesh out the web site pages. New, about, contact, etc.
  6. Setup wiki.
  7. Organize translation volunteers.


  1. Figure out a wiki technology to incorporate. Mediawiki seems really nice. The Java folks seems really keen on Confluence.
  2. Do we need this hosted on a non-collabnet server since it isn't a core collabnet service?
  3. We need some mechanism(s) to ensure the folks realize material in the wiki is not authoritative. That it is essentially individuals working documents, not foundation policy.
  4. Make sure the wiki requires some sort of login or something so it is not easily spammed.

More Frank's Suggestions (From Email)

  1. Don't put the word "final" after the FAQ on governance.html. It is
   not final.  It is just official.  And we don't need to add that because
   it is on the official web site.
  1. In the FAQ change I think we should be removing "In line with the
   do-acracy, those who contribute to the foundation goals will be
   recognised in the future with voting memberships."  It is premature
   for us to say this, and in any event most people who contribute to
   the goals will not get voting memberships unless we accept many
   thousands of voting members.
  1. the "Foundation Officers" and "Board Members" menu items both go to
   the board members list.  I would you contract this to one menu item
   (Board and Officers) and list them all in one page.  It isn't that long
   a list.  The Officers are "President: Frank Warmerdam", "Treasurer: Gary
   Lang", "Secretary: Rich Steele".
  1. Please put the bylaws under Corporation Documents. They are finalized
   in the wiki.  Leave out Articles of Incorporation till we have them.
  1. I would prefer not to have anything on the web site about sponsors or
   sponsorship till after we have a sponsorship program worked out.  So,
   please remove the sponsorship.html page too.
  1. Please do populate the Committees page. I have already done some
   minimal work on the Incubator committee page (incubator.osgeo.org).
   You should do at least as much for WebCOM.  Please encourage or provide
   support to Arnulf to do the same for the promotions committee.
  1. Yipee! I am pleased about the membership list. I would like to see a
   comment here that we are working on the associate membership process
   or something to that effect.

Rich's Suggestion

  1. I think sooner rather than later we should have an “About the Foundation” or “About OSGeo” link in the left hand box of the current home page template (i.e., delete the "Foundation Meeting Docs" link and replace it with an "About OSGeo" link). The landing page for this link would essentially be the hub where all information about the foundation, legal and IP policies (including forms of contributor agreements), corporate records (articles of incorporation and bylaws), board meeting archives, annual member meeting archives, etc.

I've put together a mocked up sample landing page for the "About OSGeo" link here --> About OSGeo Sample Page

Current Work

  • Logo Contest Parameters for the contest and where we store the results. The contest should be done ASAP as this affects the look of the site. We can get help from CollabNet's branding people to flow from the logo into the style of the site.
  • Membership nominations needs to have an announcement and link to the nominees list.

Completed Work

  • Welcome Message This is the first welcome page seen by a new user. This needs to be written up. It should be short and sweet because users really only see it once.

Other Status

  • Terms of Service installation should happen today or tomorrow
  • SSL Certificate is now installed
  • Note: Email can not by truncated/filtered by size. We can only disallow MIME attachments.
  • Daniel Brookshier working with web committee to understand the site and capabilities