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OSGeo Website Committee Meeting

Meeting Info

Chair:  Jason
IRC:  #osgeo  For those behind firewalls Web-based IRC is available.
When:  17:00 UTC on May 8th, 2008

Agenda Items

  • website changes (see http://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/webcom/2008-May/001665.html)
    • Remove OSGeo Download Server link (MN: I had added it since it is highly ranked in the Web stats, till Feb 2008 it was a broken link)
    • fix some Webcom trac tickets?
    • Remove Logo link (A Marketing page might be useful instead of the direct link to the logos)
    • Add RSS News Feeds info to the news_items page
    • Add links to outwards-facing committees such as Marketing and Incubation
    • Service providers and News might move up into the OSGeo Foundation menu from the Community menu. This stretches the splitting of official and Wiki content a bit, so maybe some of the pages would require an 'official' version instead
    • Remove incubation indication from project listings (MN: please keep it. It was sort of approved even by the president)
    • For sponsors we have two links on the homepage. Suggest to make an animated gif with the logos and put those on e.g. the lower right corner. That image could than link to the sponsors page. The sponsors page links to the sponsorship help page. That help page may also provide the sponsor opportunities? This allows to remove at least one (if not two) of the sponsors links in the menu.
    • From the Wiki, the logo on the top left links to the OSGeo Wiki. I (Jeroen) think that logo would better link to the official page to make that easier to find once you end up on the Wiki)
    • Add a community menu entry for "Blogs" pointing to http://planet.osgeo.org
    • Feeds:
      • should the home page(www.osgeo.org) have "link" tags in the HTML head to indicate feeds, such as http://www.osgeo.org/feed/news
      • should the "News (RSS)" link under "OSGeo Community" include the standard feed icon
      • should the "News (RSS)" link under "OSGeo Community" go to a regular webpage that in turn links to both the OSGeo feed and planet.osgeo.org, and explains the differences between them
    • IRC: should there be an "IRC (chat)" link under "OSGeo Community" that links to a page that with information about OSGeo-related IRC channels (e.g. #osgeo, #foss4g2008, #foss4g, etc), as well as a link to the TelaScience interface
  • Get a FOSS4G 2008 banner in place
  • Revitalize the spotlights effort (Comment by Jeroen: The Community Spotlights section seems virtually dead while it takes up a lot of space. We could consider (re)moving it to free up space and make the page less overwhelming/ lighter to digest.)
  • refresh the FAQ?


See IRC Logs:

http://logs.qgis.org/osgeo/%23osgeo.2008-05-08.log - from 10:00