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The following are the responsibilities of the commitee taken from the offical page .

Create, maintain, and update the content for the foundation web site

Recommend appropriate website technologies


  • list of recommended technologies


The webcom committe is recomending and supporting the use of the following recommended technologies:

  • Drupal
  • Media Wiki
  • svn
  • ...


The following technologies are employed by OSGeo projects, the webcom committee will accept documentation for these alternatives but they are not activly supported:

  • confluence
  • jira

Decide and implement a site wide style guideline


  • logo, check!
  • fonts, unclear
  • graphic design, is this viscomm responsibility?
  • website map, optimize "workflow" for target users, pending
  • writing guidelines, probably per content type, unset

support foundation projects in use of portal technologies and common style


  • Getting Started
  • Style Guidelines

Portal Technologies

We need to provide a "Getting Started" document, or a webcomm mentor guided tour, to each project to help them get going.

Common Style

We need to provide a Style Guidelines document to capture the "care and feeding instructions" for groups and projects making use of our website style and OSGeo branding. The first customer for this care package is the OSGeo website itself, QA for these instructions will be performed by the iccubation projects (ie GeoTools).

Careful attention must be made to ensure that OSGeo remains a benifit when constructing these guidelines.

Minimal Recomendations (website content, or generated content like javadocs):

  • use of logo as return link: logo position, size, and link target specified
  • use of OSGeo fonts
  • colors may be project specific, if so colors should also be shared w/ OSGeo site

Recommended intergration (project home page):

  • use of content navigation
    • located w/ respect to the logo (perhaps under)
    • focus on major content required by the viscom committee, or webcom research?
    • optional: additional content navigation may be project specific
  • optional: traceback information for OSGeo tracking stats

Pursue translation of portions of the site into other languages.


  • website translation process
  • project translation support

WebSite Translation Process

We need to set up a process for website materials to be translated. Currently Drupal supports translations, but our media wiki does not appear to. Q: Is the webcomm expecting to help projects not making use of our technologies, or will we require projects using confluence to set up their own translation process?

Project Translation Support

Informal email on the discussion list talks about setting up web front end to a translation database. We require a formal proposal.


Common committee responsibilities:

  • add and remove committee members as needed
  • report back to the board (via Chair) to the board monthly on activities and issues.