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This is the main wiki page for the OSGeo Website Committee. Started as per the Web Site Committee Motion approved by the board at the First Board Meeting.

Members in the committee are listed on the web committee project page on


The web site committee has responsibilities to:

  • maintain and update the foundation web site.
  • recommend appropriate website technologies (ie. wiki)
  • decide and implement a site wide style guideline.
  • support foundation projects in use of portal technologies and common style.
  • adding and removing committee members as needed.
  • report back to the board (via Chair) to the board monthly on activities and issues.
  • pursue translation of portions of the site into other languages.


The initial set of tasks and ideas are posted on the WebComTODO page

The Web Site Committee was formed when the Web Site Committee Motion passed at the first board of directors meeting on 17 February, 2006.