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Skype meeting 23-11-2015


Johan Maëlle Tommy


  • OSGeo.be
* OSGeo-BE strategy
* Next events
* 2015 : debriefing
  • Miscellaneous
* Next meeting


OSGeo-BE strategy

We need to define our strategy about OSGeo.be asbl/vzw actions and upcoming events. It is best to organise a face to face meeting for that (possibly in January). About sponsorship, we think that we should try to focus the sponsorship recruitment on foss4g.be and use the profits of that event for other activities.

Action: Johan : contact Oliver to create a new mailing list with osgeo.be
Action: Johan : send a doodle for the strategy meeting

Next events

A first meeting with Dewey association will be organised on December 2 to see how we can collaborate. The meeting will take place at on Wednesday December 2 at 6p.m at ULB - D building (room DC6.126). Everyone is welcome. People from OSM may be interested (Joost Schouppe) if OSM is used. A catering budget is being considered for that. Last meeting, we also discussed the possibility to organize developer nights. Johan will send a proposition about that.

Action: Maëlle : send an email about the meeting with Dewey (organisation, budget, ...)
Action: Johan : write a proposition about the dev night organisation


2015 : debriefing

The foss4g.be website has not been updated yet.


Next meeting

The next meeting is not yet scheduled.