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OSGeo.be - Working group 28-02-2017


  • Johan
  • Maëlle
  • Oliver
  • Dirk
  • Julien
  • Roel
  • Arnaud
  • Marc
  • Moritz


  • FOSS4G 2017
  • BeGeo
  • Accountings

FOSS4G 2017


26 ocotbre 2017


  • Ecole royale militaire (Dirk will contact Ingrid (IGN))

The possible alternatives are :

  • IBGE (Moritz)
  • ULB (Maelle)
  • Flemish administration (near noth station / Dirk or Moritz)

Task / preparation calendar

Last meeting we create a calendar with dates & actions. Where it is ? Oliver will try to find it.

Maëlle would like to have monthly reports about the actions.

Call for sponsors

Dirk wants to send a letter to the sponsors of last year, asking them to sponsor OSGeo.be this year (and not only the FOSS4G). The sponsors will will have the possibility to promote themself during our next activities :

  • BeGeo
  • FOSS4G Europe
    • we will invest 500€
    • w will use the received promotional space (we receive for the 500€) to present our sponsors
    • -> our sponsors will sponsor FOSS4G Europe through us
    • Moritz is ok with that but we have to fix conditions : we will only sponsors FOSS4G europe if we receive XXX € from our sponsors
  • OSGeoDevEvening
  • ...

Dirk will write the letter in Dutch or English

We keep the sponsors levels of last year.

Marc has the list of the sponsors (and their emails).

Special session about education

Maelle propose to organize during the FOSS4G a session about education. The goal is to have an overview of Free Software in the academic and in the research environment. She also propose to organize a round table for sharing experience. There already exists a working group about this subject. Maëlle is looking for some speakers. Dirk can present something (case base learniing).

Maëlle will send a survey and a "Save the Date" to academics.

All the assembly approves the idea.

Dirk would like that we talk about this idea in OSGeo / BeGeo to give some inspiration to other people.

Mini-website about FOSS4G 2017

We have to announce the date on a simple website (and the session about education). Johan has to change the address of the actual website to 2016.foss4g.be and create a 2017 version for www.foss4g.be

Concert at the end of FOSS4G

Maëlle propose to have a music concert at the end of the FOSS4G (to retain people for the AG).

No approval :

  • last year we had new member (the AG was successful) so we do not need such event
  • the event is only during one day

Code sprint on friday / sunday

Dirk propose to have a code sprint on friday or sundy. No approval : FOSS4G Belgium must focus on belgium (not europe)


Maëlle wants to know if we ask at the translator to save the date. As we do not have a place. We can not reply to this question.


  • Dirk can not attend, he asks Johan to be the day-manager
  • Johan will go the the next meeting

The program is fixed (see begeo.be) :

  • first block about OSGeo organisation
  • second block about about products
  • third : round table

For the round table the speakers are

  • Gaël (share his experiment about OSGeo and administration)
  • Eleonore (ULB - why to use Open-Source in academic ?)
  • Oliver (why does company use opensource ?)
  • Johan will be the moderator of the session

Each speaker will have 1 minute for introducing himself. Then questions from Johan (and after by the public). For each question, each speaker has 2 minutes.


Moritz will hold the booth in the morning (maybe with Arnaud). Roel will hold the booth in the afternoon (stop at 16h30).

When does Moritz has to come for preparing the booth ? Dirk will transfer an email about that.

Material :

  • banner (joahn)
  • laptop + OSGeoLive (Johan like during SOTM)
  • Stickers :
    • FOSS4G Europe + QGIS + PostGIS (Oslandia via Marc)
    • Johan has a lot of stickers (FOSDEM ...)
    • OSGeo Live Stickers (johan)
  • Poster about next belgian event (Quentin ULB by Moritz and Maëlle)
    • OSGeoDev Evening (29 march)
    • FOSS4G 2017 + sponsors
    • mapathon
  • Flyers :
    • Grass flyers (Moritz)
  • Visual support for :
    • How OSGeo can help people ?
    • Why to sponsors us ?
  • sell the tshirt (10€) (oliver will bring it)

We were thinking about having indication about the success of our action at BeGeo. Ideas :

  • number of new members in mailing list (after the event)


  • Roel will replace Marc
    • Marc and Dirk will ask at the bank to give to Roel an access to the account
  • Normaly the documents has to be stored at the OSGeo official address : We will store online the documents (google drive)
  • OSGeo has to refund Maëlle for different events (food & drink). This has to be treat very soon : Maëlle has to send a summary.
  • Question : do we have to publish the change of the financial year in the belgian monitor ?