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VIRTUAL PLATFORM TECHNOLOGY FOR EXPERIMENTATION GEO-SPATIAL, satellite tracking-GPS and decryption of data RADIO-ASTRONOMICAL [1].Creator: Ph.D. Juan Carlos Garcia Hoyos[2], EXTRATERRANOVAS Platform is a data receiver that works as System Virtual Machine, by a hypervisor that enables the development of a HOSTED and where the service is file transfer, remote login, database servers and Web servers. The main basis of information that comes from working EXTRATERRANOVAS programs BOINC distributed computing system. These programs have virtually merged with applications used for observation, research and analysis of spatial phenomena, such as the creation of files related to space programs requiring real-time development or under virtual emulation. Currently EXTRATERRANOVAS has developed a Virtual Satellite for UFO Research and Osni, based on information issued by 9 distributed computing projects BOINC system, but the host has the ability to develop research in geophysics, hydrology, seismology, meteorology, Astrophysics, Astronomy, Aerodynamics, Space Medicine or any other field inherent in the Space. Although Dr. Garcia has worked mainly in the context Colombian Academy as a professor and lecturer in the areas of Science Social, political science and international relations, their creations and research in radio astronomy, wave satellization and decryption by computational means, have allowed the recognition of the program BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing - University of Berkeley, California USA) and NASA\'s Kepler Program (National U.S.A Aeronautics and Space Administration). Currently disclose their work to the various scientific groups of the Colombian Commission of Space. Thanks to the support of their research and technological innovation of its inventions can be considered to Dr. Juan Carlos Garcia Hoyos, as the most important Colombian researcher in the field of UFOlogy (UFO) and one of the most important scientists of the world in technology design Virtual focused on the search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Since 2008, maintains a blog with their research results at: [3]