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I am a GCI 2017 student, working on the Add yourself to the OSGeo Member Map task. Technological interests:Mobile Technology, working of a gadget, User Interface, Coding, Animations and Video Graphics.

I am a 15 year old boy studying in the 9th grade. I live in India and love technology. I am the I.T. prefect in my school and i also have a You Tube channel. Besides that, i love playing Table Tennis, i usually play T.T. once a day.I also love Yoga and i make sure i do at least basic yoga daily, with the help of my grandfather.I also adore the subject of Physics and Mathematics and especially when it comes to space. I love learning new things and to research, it may be as simple as choosing a new phone for my father.I will research and see every gadget available in the market, before making my final decision.