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VM hanging on OSUOSL

see OSL for how to open a ticket with OSUOSL's support

LDAP Server Down

The LDAP server runs on (secure vm). If it's down, refer to SAC:LDAP Restarting LDAP server

sudo /usr/sbin/slapd_db_recover -h /var/lib/ldap/osgeo2

MySQL Cleanup for Drupal

If a report in drupal starts saying a table is crashed and needs repair, log into mysql and run the following, for example for the cache table:


Entire down (PEER1)

  • ISP/DNS problem: what to do? do we need to call anyone?
  • hardware reset: Contact SAC:Primary Administrators. One option is a power cycle on the UPS to restart, using the "Reboot Immediate" item on the UPS.

TODO: Define rescue plan with responsible people - see also SAC:Primary Administrators

telascience blade(s) down

... reinstall stuff elsewhere ...

Contact User with Shell Access

If services or o/s need restarting or something else needs emergency attention contact one of the following people with shell access directly:

PEER 1 Trouble Ticket Process

TODO: add details here or point to elsewhere?