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November 30th-December 2nd 2022


This is a FOSS4G meeting in Nashville TN hosted at Vanderbilt University. It's an opportunity for Free and Open Source Software for GIS users in the area to get together and discuss projects, software, and get to know one another.

  • Do you want to present?
  • Meet other FOSS4G Enthusiasts?
  • Curious about Open Source GIS?

Register Below. Tickets will remain cheap. Can't afford a ticket? We can help.


November 30th - Field trip around Nashville showing historical mapping project

December 1 - Talks

December 1 Night - Social

December 2nd TBA


Vanderbilt University

101 19th Avenue South,

Nashville, TN 37212


  • Option 1: Scarritt Bennett


First come first serve. Rooms start at $105.07 per night (that is for a single twin bed with a shared bathroom)

Every two rooms share an adjoining restroom.

To reserve call: 615-340-7469

  • Option 2: Aertson Hotel

$189 per night

Block of Rooms (50)

Reserved under: Vanderbilt Law Library & Special Collection

To reserve call: (877) 239-2269



Eventbrite Link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/foss4g-nashville-tickets-392509254747

Tickets are $25 for on site

We have Free Tickets if you are attending Virtually - you can also donate money to support the event through the free tickets.


Link for Presentations: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf1QZ1VkeTGVL9mfhGZdl8lX6K2dDC83vLDoS1Tf7oDpA5Ejw/viewform

Serve Data, Not Services - Howard Butler - Hobu, Inc

Gone are the days of buying a 2U server and sticking it in a rack in a closet next to an air conditioner. What was once organizational excess compute capacity to provide on-demand network services is now metered and measured in the cloud by the same administration that inventories the office supply cabinet. Excessive middleware is decidedly out of fashion, and concepts like Cloud Native Geospatial, with its focus on cloud optimized formats and JSON metadata to drive desktop and cloud applications alike are taking hold. Howard Butler, president of Hobu, Inc. and leader of the PDAL software project, will talk about formats, organization, federation, archive, and frustration in the process of getting data to and from the cloud. Howard Butler is the founder and president of Hobu, Inc., an open source software consultancy located in Iowa City, Iowa that focuses on point cloud data management solutions. He is an active participant in the ASPRS LAS Committee, a Project Steering Committee member of both the PROJ and GDAL open source software projects, a contributing author to the GeoJSON specification, creator of the Cloud Optimized Point Cloud format, and a past member of the OSGeo Board of Directors. With his firm, Howard leads the development of the PDAL and Entwine open source point cloud processing and organization software libraries.

Mapping Beck Knob Cemetery - Randal Hale - NRGS

For the past 120 years, Beck Knob cemetery has been a repository of centuries worth of history and culture. It was provided by Joshua Beck as a resting place for slaves and their families. Through the years Beck Knob has been Documented through photographs and small mapping expeditions. In 2022, North River Geographic Systems, Inc and Platinum Geomatics set out to map the people buried in Beck Knob. This has turned into a large data collection project using Mergin (Mobile Client for QGIS). It’s also turned into a providing ground for Pleasant Gardens Cemetery and possibly the start of a project anyone with QGIS can use.


Hobu Inc

North River Geographic Systems, Inc

Locate Press

Vanderbilt Institute for Spatial Research

Vadose Industries