Australia/New Zealand Chapter Report 2007

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Australia / New Zealand

  • Period covered by report: Jan-Dec 2007
  • Contact name: Tim Bowden

Key Accomplishments

  • Prepared a successful bid to host FOSS4G in 2009.
  • Generated interest in OSGeo and FOSS4G in Government, Industry and the Australian Open Source Community.
  • Presentation and booth at, Sydney, January 2007.
  • Booth at Spatial Sciences Institute International Biennial Conference, Hobart, May 2007.
  • Presentation and booth at GITA 2007 Geospatial Infrastructure Solutions Conference, Brisbane, August 2007.
  • Presentation to Victorian Department for Primary Industries Spatial Sciences Workshop, Melbourne, September 2007.
  • Obtained legal advice on best structure for incorporation as a non profit organisation. This proposal has been endorsed by members of the Chapter.

Areas for Improvement

  • We need to develop protocols and processes to ensure smooth running of the chapter.

Opportunities to Help

  • Assist with the planning and preparation for FOSS4G 2009.
  • Offers of Patronage will be greatly appreciated.

Outlook for 2008

  • Incorporate OSGeo Australia / New Zealand as a not for profit organisation.
  • Seeking Patronage to ensure the future of the chapter.
  • Advocacy to spread the word of the quality FOSS4G software available.
  • Planning and preparation to ensure an outstanding FOSS4G 2009.