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More and more Open Source is catching on Biodiversity and conservation projects. Most of them are publicly funded so most of the time all the source they develop is Open Source. Aditionally Biodiversity and conservation heavily rely on GIS and they have specific needs. From geospatial niche modeling to species distributions, occurrence catalog, etc,

Last FOSS4G 2010 in Barcelona a Breakout Session was organized around this topic. We were around 10 persons who discussed about the different things that they were doing. We also had the possibility to bring some ideas on how to push for Biodiversity and Conservation interest on FOSS4G.

List of people interested

Javier de la Torre < jatorre at vizzuality dot com >   Vizzuality

< Marco.Ciolli at ing dot unitn dot it >

< tattonic at ing dot unitn dot it >

Andrew Hill < andrewxhill at gmail dot com >

Aimee Stewart < astewart at ku dot edu >

< lunasilvestre at gmail dot com >

Olivier Rovellotti < olivier_rovellotti at natural-solutions dot eu > Natural Solutions

Olivier Coullet < olivier_coullet at natural-solutions dot eu > Natural Solutions

< Medyckyj-ScottD at landcareresearch dot co dot nz >

Pere Roca Ristol < peroc79 at gmail dot com >

< Agustin dot Lobo at ija dot csic dot es >

What people are working on?

The idea on this section is that we know what people are doing about Biodiversity and Conservation and that is released or make use of FOSS4G.

Natural solutions

We are working on a Mobile solutions : pocket eReleve Pocket eReleve Desktop solutions : ecoReleve ecoReleve

What can we do to make Biodiversity/Conservation more relevant to FOSS4G software

One of the ideas on the meeting we had was to create a kind of lobby for our domain within FOSS4G. Our goal is to push our requirements into the different FOSS4G projects.

The biodiversity Group could be the first user Group of Foss4G, other users groups could be Marketing, Governement, Education.

However we use could uses the stack (Database, Standard (WFS, WMS, WPS), Mobile Sig) for a good purpose.

Make use of Biodiversity for next WMS benchmarking on FOSS4G 2011

To ellaborate.

How can we promote TDWG Standard at Foss4G and Foss4G at TDWG

To elaborate

How can we bridge TDWG and Foss4G Standard

To elaborate