Board Meeting 2006 02 17

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Notes for board meeting to occur on Friday 17, 2006.

Meeting will take place by phone/skype (backed by irc on #osgeo on

Meeting date/time can be planned with


  • Agreement on a legal framework for the official corporation, setting up the company, etc. Discuss key bylaw provisions and approve a draft of bylaws for public review.
  • Discuss timing of establishing PSCs for projects.
  • Designate a president and treasurer for the foundation (required by law, but can be members of the board)
  • Designate Rich Steele Secretary and Legal Counsel for the foundation.
  • Setting up a bank account.
  • Insurance for board members.
  • Review OSGEO Website Terms of Service
  • Designate a "Web Site Committee" with a charter per Web Site Committee Motion.
  • Discussion of form of contributor agreement for all OSGEO projects
  • Discussion of Project Incubation.

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