Board Meeting 2013-12-16

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This board meeting is scheduled for the 16th of December 2013 at 20.00UTC through a Google Hangout and follow up voting by email.


  • roll call
  • appoint meeting chair, meeting scribe/secretary
  • Review and approve past minutes: Board Meeting 2013-11-14
  • FOSS4G-Europe
    • Short status report
    • Can we use OSGeo logo for the "Letter for Sponsors"?
  • Open discussion on Foundation's priorities for next 5 years
    • support of FOSS4G events
    • sponsors
    • revenue
    • needs / budget
    • relationship with other foundations
    • infrastructure review
  • OSGeo 501c4 tax exempt status vs 990 filings (update)
  • add your items here


  • Attending: Anne, Bart, Cameron, Frank, Jachym, Jeff, Jorge
  • Presiding: Jeff
  • Scribing: Anne

Assigned Tasks

  • Jachym : make an official request for seed funding for FOSS4G-E
  • Jeff and Anne: publish a Board press release to praise the FOSS4G LOC for the excellent results of 2013 conference
  • Cameron (and/or others, confirm): polls the community, charter members and project leaders for suggestions on how to make use of money available to OSGeo

Motions (to be confirmed by email)

MOTION: Approve minutes from past meeting

(missed approval on IRC)

MOTION: OSGeo logo can be used for the "Letter for sponsors" for FOSS4G-Europe 2014

  • Jachym/1, +1 6

MOTION: Board to acknowledge the good work of FOsS4G 2013, including positive budget. Jeff to provide quote for press release.

  • Cameron/1, +1 6

MOTION: Ask community for ideas on how we spent windfall from FOSS4G 2013.

  • Cameron/1, +1 Anne, Jeff, Jorge, Bart. +0 Frank, Jachym

MOTION: Board still in general agreement with OSGeo Board focus from last year:

  • Cameron/1, +1 Jachym, Frank, Jorge, +0 Bart

Full, raw minutes notes

These minutes have been extracted from the face to face discussion on Hangout, so they are not the full minutes.

[20:05 UTC] Start

[20:06] Approve past meeting's minutes

[20:06] FOSS4G-E - Jachym's report

  • weekly meetings for organisation
  • program is getting ready, so there is concrete information for the sponsors
  • budget is being prepared
  • request for OSGeo for seed money - Board asks for an official request, using Code sprints template.
  • request to use OSGeo logo on letters - see motion
  • connection with OSGeo and FOSS4G is requested by the Board, as an official statement from organisers

[20:17] FOSS4G 2013 revenues - whether FOSS4G LOC shall publish the figures

  • Cameron suggests that the Board publishes a press release to thank the LOC for the excellent results (see motion)

[20:21] FOSS4G 2014 Budget - no news have been communicated to the Board since approval

[20:22] Open discussion on priorities - see motion

  • Board members agree on spending money to make specific tasks done, given a clear plan
  • Bookkeeping: there is no agreement on hiring someone for this task, but agreement on simplifying the micro-payments procedure
  • Communication with sponsors: not yet agreeing on hiring someone for the task
  • Infrastructure: it works, except for migration of Drupal (in progress) and occasional problems. Several OSGeo projects are not using OSGeo infrastructure (have moved, or have never used it) but it is not a requirement, rather an opportunity for new projects. Reconsider its role now that many hostings for code/wiki/mail/bugtrackers are available online. Cameron suggests that OSGeo shall offer what is not yet available for free to a new geospatial software project.
  • Jachym proposes to fill a SWOT analysis to focus on what to improve

[20:30] OSGeo support to events (local and regional)