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This board meeting is scheduled for 23 December 2017 at [1] through video call and follow up voting on Loomio.


Current items

  • roll call
  • appoint meeting chair, meeting scribe/secretary
  • Good morning / Agenda (30 mins)
  • Review of State of Play (30 min)
  • Draft Budget Read through (30 mins)
  • Budget Expectations (60 mins)
  • Budget Review (90 mins)
  • Budget Finalize (30 mins)

Time Permitting

  • Role of Board, by-law review, orientation (60 mins)
  • Executive Positions (45 mins)
  • Meetings schedule (frequency)
  • FOSS4G vision by Board (video streaming, etc)


Appoint meeting chair, meeting scribe/secretary

  • Attending: Jody, Angelos, Michael, Jeff, Astrid, Maria A, Vasile, Helena, Maria B
  • Presiding: Angelos
  • Scribing: Jody

Good morning / Agenda

Six hour meeting scheduled. Establish the above agenda, making an effort to estimate time required for agenda topics. Discussion on priorities, can we do both budget and set executive positions in today's meeting. There may also be a possibility to meet next week.

Review of State of Play

Finance: Transfer from Boston complete, we have a healthy balance to work from in 2018.

Review of 2017 budget, and resulting spending:

  • UN: Some travel ended up under director travel.
  • How to handle FOSS4G 2019 request, under conference committee?
  • Any update on Bonn finances? Blocked on action item to set up an European bank account.
  • FOSS4G finance relationship discussion. We have enough to run 3-4 events at a loss.

Review of budget motions from 2017:

Discussion about Code Sprints:

  • How to word profit sharing from code-sprints? Goal is to share risk with team running code-sprint. action: Take this to email to revise wording?
  • How to support communities needing help to support a code sprint? Goal is to support communities. Board must agree on this topic.
  • Is "profit sharing" a new requirement? Discussion on the "profit sharing" expression being mentioned in reply e-mails.

Discussion confirmed we have a contact person for each budget line item. We have an officer (project or committee contact) reporting during the AGM.

Draft Budget Read through

UN Committee ($12k):

  • Saved money reusing materials in 2017, moving to and will need to make new content.
  • Q: Why would we fund training materials for geoshape more than our own osgeo projects?
  • GeoNode is the foundation for GeoShape.
  • GeoNode for training material already provided by world bank.
  • UN requests materials specific to GeoShape, to make efficient use of time.
  • As partner we have to decide what we want to do?
    • we have no more software to teach? we could close our involvement ...
    • or just attend the meetings, ...
    • (previously we trained QGIS and PostGIS)
    • can some geoshape functionality to geonode?
    • geonode forks: geoshape, exchange, storyscapes, ... apparently how "drupal" projects work?

FOSS4G ($30k): Discussion of video requests from Michael Turner

  • is this reasonable?
  • can we take this responsibility from LOC? Like with travel grants we could maintain knowlege/procedure across events...
  • is this something the conference committee would be willing to do?
  • please add to "foss4g cookbook"
  • astird: would like to see videos, livestream included - how can we support?
  • action: Astrid may look at setting up a technical team to be available to LOC
  • support a technical committee to support video recording for Conference LOCs - Astrid POC
  • discussion on supporting a long term active, michael is in favour of OSGeo supporting this.

Budget Expectations

Jody (120k max):

  • poor history of spending allocated budget
  • grass? split out code sprint
  • review code sprint items
  • incubation committee, only one project working on incubation?
  • want to keep similar to foss4g income (100k) + sponsorship (5k).

Helena (150k):

  • How much we have, based on requests

Michael (120k):

  • Looking at some amounts, like 30k for video, think we will be close to this when done.
  • Individual code sprints, bump up general code sprints.
  • More accessible to ask for funding for code sprints.

Vasile (130k):

  • Push for projects to request money, now they are doing so :)

Maria B (180k):

  • Clarification on finance balance.
  • 2017 we budgeted 150 and spent 90k.
  • Position to spend money to be useful.
  • can we find more sponsors?

Angelos (120k):

  • keeping in mind this year's foss4g does not expect profit
  • agree on opportunities.
  • make bigger impact, similar to website next year

Jeff (145k min - 200k max):

  • good to contact individual communities
  • help support, sprints, foss4g, ...
  • maintain website - split across marketing, sac, geoforall.
  • Q: can we figure out how much is expected across our organization?

Maria A:

  • thinking on general code sprints
  • reach out to osgeo members from countries and try to help?
  • Brazil chapter wanted to move things a bit, help and guidance... (some contact with GeoForAll)
  • Don't need much money for what I want improve.

Astrid (150k min - 200k max):

  • marketing: working on exhibit packs, provide box for local team to present OSGeo
  • Push forward code sprint idea
  • Local chapter committee, welcome comittee, ...
  • set up activities, such as code-sprints, ...
  • how to connect foss4g events to osgeo
  • discuss: code sprint --> sprint --> community sprint
  • have the courage to spend the money
  • community, travel, bringing people together
  • funding for video outreach

Budget Review

Board Admin (5k):

  • reduce from 8k --> 5k
  • can Mike get help? we are covered with above ...
  • shared screen, ...
  • DropBox expenses? NextCloud?

Board Travel (15k):

  • who needs help? majority will need support
  • AGM attendance, officers
  • code-sprint f2f prior? after?
    • MOT1: Michael proposes March 17th-18th f2f meeting, Angelos seconds
    • motion: passed by acclimation
    • action: book travel, michael will remburse
    • action: astrid to determine location
    • accommodation: book on your own? airbnb, or group rate...
    • action: astrid to look into Airbnb or similar
    • foss4g, foss4ge, foss4na

Board Internal (no budget):

  • we fund each group

Sponsors (2k):

  • breakfast meeting
  • networking, b2b thank in public

Partners (2k, proposed 5k):

  • discussion on how to capture this
  • where do we spend our money
  • is this a board cost?
  • fund time and effort, rather travel

SAC (22k):

  • discussion on cloud hosting
  • spend on time, less on hardware
  • consider matching 2000 for OSUOSL to 4000
  • action: approve, and take feedback on hosting vs supporting manpower back to SAC

OpenGeoScience (5600):

  • not very visible, better promote in the future?
  • ask for unforsceen costs

Marketing (21500):

  • detailed
  • mapskins discussion? font collection to for our logos, one time cost.
  • 5k for a bit of website, mostly graphics design.

GeoForAll (7k):

  • 2k for geoforall
  • 5k website, we will see.

UN Committee (12k):

  • 3k travel
  • 3k capacity building - geoshape
  • 3k capacity building - new geospatial functionalities on github (in korean produced in 2018)
  • 3k capacity building - use global open data with open source software
  • open calls evaluating, selecting people to do activity
  • idea: get into osgeo-live?
  • Jody asks if we can raise additional funding can be raised towards this activities.
  • action: Helena and Jody to add this to 2018 call to sponsorship.

Incubation Committee (7500):

  • total of community projects

GSoC (3k):

  • repurpose income
  • does this include code-in? no.
  • can we support admin time?

Travel Grant (20k):

  • Some discussion around global travel grant

Projects (20k):

  • review
  • postgis split 2k into code-sprint
  • 3500 added to bring up to 20k

Community Projects:

  • istSOS (2k):
    • They don't also need code sprint
    • Move to 2k to help support incubation
    • istSOS, increased to help with mentor travel
  • Zoo-Project (3k):
    • approve, but ask for a breakdown

Code Sprints:

Bonn Code Sprint (5k):

  • some budget carried over for osgeo code-sprint
  • 8k available from prior sprint

GeoServer (3k):

  • Q: can join Bonn?
  • Yes it is considered?
  • Suggest rename from "c-tribe" sprint

GRASS (3500):

  • distinct from Bonn sprint

PostGIS (2k)

Bolsena Code Sprint (no budget):

  • discussion on relationship with travel grant
  • discussion: change from travel grant to support grant

Smaller Code Sprints (10k):

  • 10x 1000 requests
  • goal is to secure the room early
  • code sprint guidelines, ensure this is a grant rather that a profit sharing

Budget Finalize


  • Jody: 160 seems high, can we reduce to 150?
  • last year was supposed to a one off 148k, but this year we repeat ...
  • jody: incubation seems high?
  • consider 3k osgeo project, 2k incuabtion, 500 community
  • consider cutting things we added as extra
  • approved - 151600
  • MOT2: Jody motions to accept budget of 151600. mike: seconded. approved by acclamation
  • action: Angelos to copy budget to wiki, approve on loomio

Meetings schedule (frequency)

  • Video Meeting Jan 17th, 15:00 UTC


  • Astrid may look at setting up a technical video team to be available to LOC
  • Book travel for F2F Bonn, Michael will reimburse
  • Astrid to determine F2F location and look into Airbnb or similar
  • SAC: take feedback on hosting vs supporting manpower back to SAC
  • Helena and Jody to add UN Committee capacity building actions to 2018 call to sponsorship.
  • Angelos to copy budget to wiki, approve on loomio


MOT1: Motion to organize Board F2F meeting in Bonn, March 17th-18th

  • Motion by Michael
  • Seconded by Angelos
  • Approve: by acclamation
  • Abstain:
  • Block:
  • Moved to Loomio:
  • Outcome: Passed

MOT2: Motion to approve 2018 budget of $151600