Board Orientation Meeting 2015-10-26

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This board meeting is scheduled for the 26th of October 2015 at 14.00 UTC through a hangout. This is an optional "orientation" meeting. Length will be 1 hour.

Goal of Meeting

The general goal of this meeting to help new Board members get comfortable in the new position. Sometimes e-mails and IRC meetings don't provide an opportunity to ask questions and to learn of existing issues. Also, it is possible that some board members don't know each other yet, formally; this could help bring a voice or a face to names.

Tentative Agenda

Current items

  • role of board members, explained
    • board decisions, if you need to do something set up
      • subcommittee (example the UN)
      • working group (for s short project activity)
  • communication process
    • monthly board meetings
    • private vs public e-mail list use
    • use of OSGeo wiki for proposals/drafts
    • private document storage through DropBox
    • subcommittee communication (shoot for email status update from officers)
  • FOSS4G
    • explain recent 2016 liability issue
    • history of OSGeo's involvement in FOSS4G (and mindset of past boards)
  • questions from new board members
  • a time permits
    • rejuvenating the OSGeo Journal
    • quick chat on sponsorship levels
    • add your items here