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Profile last updated: 07 Sep 2017
Profile last updated: 07 Sep 2017
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[[Category:OSGeo Member]]
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Name: Candan Eylül Kilsedar Kilsedar.jpg
Job Title: Research fellow and PhD student
Company: Politecnico di Milano
Address: Piazza Leonarda da Vinci, 32
City: Milano
State: Italy
Country: Italy
Local Chapter: [[|{{{LocalChapter}}}]]
Email: candaneylul.kilsedar@polimi.it
Instant Messaging:
Language(s): English, Turkish
Personal Description : Candan Eylül Kilsedar obtained her BSc degree in Computer Science and Engineering at Sabancı University-Istanbul/Turkey in 2012. She obtained her MSc degree in Informatics Engineering at Politecnico di Milano in 2014. She is strongly interested in web technologies and started working on geospatial data visualization on web during her MSc degree. Since November 2015, she is a PhD student in the Department of Civil and Enviromental Engineering and temporary research fellow at GEOlab in the Leonardo Campus of Politecnico di Milano. Her current research focuses on using free and source software to visualize geospatial VGI data in two and three dimensions on web. Her recent contributions to FOSS can be found at https://github.com/kilsedar. She is the president of PoliMappers.
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Profile last updated: 07 Sep 2017