Conference Committee 2010 Bid Questions

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The OSGeo Conference Committee would like the following information from the proposed 2010 local committees by the next IRC meeting. A representative from each of the proposed committees should be in attendance for the meeting. Responses can also be sent to the conference_dev mailing list.

Barcelona, Spain

  1. Local capabilities
    • Propose more local committee members in order in improve representation
    • Specify which local committee members exist on site (in Barcelona)
  2. Budget
    • re: Publication and Web: Would you be prepared to use the existing OCS package to manage the website and conference files?
    • How are you going to achieve your proposed sponsorship number?
      • List the organizations that will help achieve that number
    • Verify that the proposed cost for Wireless Internet is correct? (it appears to be very low for that number of attendees)
    • Does your existing AudioVisual budget account for extra demands of a plenary session? (such as stage setup, big screens, large projections, back draping etc.) If not please specify.
  3. Venue
    • Describe workshop venue and computer facilities
    • Describe Internet connection plan for workshop and conference attendees
  4. Program
    • Describe your program structure (such as plenary structure, how many presentations do you expect to put on, how many workshops do you expect to put on)
  5. Selected Date
    • Provide some analysis of conflicting conferences on the global calendar and why yours are viable dates
  6. Marketing
    • Describe how are you going to maximize visiblity of the conference?" (marketing plan)
    • Provide a breakdown of expected local, regional and international attendance, how this will affect the budget and how you are going to approach this aspect of marketing.
  7. Accommodation
    • Provide sample pricing

Beijing, China

Denver, United States

Utrecht, Netherlands