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The Core Curriculum Project of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation is currently in the "definition phase". (some comments)

The project aims at creating and promoting curriculum material that supports the goals of the Foundation. The intent is to provide material that is accessible by a broad audience including academia, professionals, and the general public. Material supported through this project should directly or indirectly build and strengthen the open source geospatial user and developer communities. This can be accomplished by integrating the use of OSGeo endorsed tools in curricula that teach geospatial concepts and applications as well as the creating curricula to teach skills necessary for people to actively participate in supported OSGeo software and data projects.

Likely scenario

  • Information gathering
  • Develop list of potential participants
  • Invite people/organizations to express interest
  • Discuss potential charter (is there an "official" OSGeo name for this?)
  • Present charter to OSGeo Board for approval (or do the members also get to vote on it?)
    • Charter should probably have "Terms of Reference" - i.e. what the group will do
    • Charter should probably have an initial list of participants/organizations (not all need to be members)
    • Charter should name a Chair and a Vice Chair (or co-chairs?) (must proposed chair already be a member or can s/he become a member by virtue of being part of this?)
  • Assuming project is approved - Get to work!

Potential Members

If you add people/orgs to this list, please indicate whether you're adding yourself/your organization or whether you are "nominating" the person/organization as a potential member.


  • Ned Horning (added by self): American Museum of Natural History’s Center for Biodiversity and Conservation
  • Tyler Mitchell (?)
  • Helena Mitasova (added by self): North Carolina State University, [1]
  • Pericles Nacionales (added by self): University of Minnesota, naci0002 at umn dot edu



Existing Work