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The Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) has a very broad mandate to support and promote its projects. Most of the work to meet these progressive goals comes from volunteers who self-organize in committees. Higher level organization of OSGeo is being done through the volunteer Board of Directors who administers the more formal and legal aspects across the organization. The goal of the board is to act as a steward of the foundation, pursuing the innovative goals of the foundation by engaging the membership at large and removing barriers to its success.

In 2006 the OSGeo hired a full time Executive Director to manage day to day business. Due to changes in the needs of the foundation this position was terminated in 2011.

The board provides substantial support but there are some tasks which can be better performed by paid staff, for example book-keeping. To meet these and other needs, the board will outsource some of these tasks to companies providing these services or hire part time staff.