FOSS4G2006 Education BOF minutes

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Minutes from the edu BOF at FOSS4G 2006

  • Present:
    • Ari Jolma(*), Dan Ames, Helena Mitasova(*), Ned Horning(*), Seppo Kaitala, Venka Raghavan(*), Markus Neteler(*), Pericles Nacionales(*), Przemyslaw Bojczuk, Marco Ciolli, Teemu Kokkonen

(*) members

  • Agenda
    • Review of edu tasks
    • Things that are going on
    • Educational project
  • Things that could/should be done
    • Conference tutorials as starting points?
      • Licence?
    • Organize review of educational materials
      • Certification criteria
    • Describe "best practices"
    • Describe levels of FOSS4G know-how required from students
      • Certification of curricula
      • what software tools
    • FOSS4G papers into a scientific journal (special issue?)
      • IJ of geoinformatics