FOSS4G 2009 Workshop Scheduling

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  • all workshops will be held at the conference venue (SCEC)
  • workshops are 3 hours in length
  • the following timetable is a DRAFT (i.e. not official)

Room 8:00-12:00 Tuesday 20th October 13:00-16:00 Tuesday 20th October
Parkside G01 (fact sheet) Getting Started with MapServer - Jeff McKenna, Pericles Nacionales, Tyler Mitchell CODE: workshop_02 Practical introduction to MapFish, the web 2.0 mapping application framework- Claude Philipona, Cédric Moullet, Eric Lemoine CODE: workshop_09
Parkside G02 (fact sheet) Working with GeoServer - Justin Deoliveira, Andrea Aime CODE: workshop_10 Performance Tuning and Tile Caching - Arne Kepp, Jim Groffen CODE: workshop_05
Parkside G03 (fact sheet) OpenLayers - Your Foundation for Browser Based Mapping - Tim Schaub, Roald de Wit CODE: workshop_06 Organizing your geospatial data and services using GeoNetwork opensource - Jeroen Ticheler, François Prunayre CODE: workshop_07
Parkside G04 (fact sheet) Introduction to PostGIS - Paul Ramsey, Mark Leslie, Mike Pumphrey CODE: workshop_03 Introduction to the OpenGeo Stack: PostGIS, GeoServer, GeoWebCache, and OpenLayers - Justin Deoliveira, Andrea Aime, Paul Ramsey, Tim Schaub CODE: workshop_04
Parkside G05 (fact sheet) Geospatial BI with FOSS: an introduction to GeoMondrian and Spatialytics - Thierry Badard, Etienne Dubé CODE: workshop_01 Practical Introduction to GRASS - Paolo Zatelli, Marco Ciolli, Clara Tattoni CODE: workshop_08