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Prior FOSS4G Logos

Logo Concepts

NOTE: These are all concepts... the final idea may be reworked by a real graphic designer!

Please add your comments here!

From Peter: Personally I like the idea of something that is similar to the Sydney and Cape Town logos, which incorporate the ribbon as a more central theme, and depict the Rocky Mountains across the top. You can see these logos [here]. The GITA design is along these lines, but personally I'd like to see a few more options on that idea, perhaps from Steve's designer to get some variety. I like the Sydney logo best, I prefer its simplicity and would vote for something similar in terms of the text.

I think we also need to consider how the logo appears to an international audience. For example the Colorado license plate is a nice looking logo is many ways, but probably its significance wouldn't be too obvious to people who aren't from here. Some of the others may fall into that category too (don't know whether the Interstate one is included in that or not?)

OSgeo Ribbon

OSgeo Ribbon
OSgeo Ribbon.

Note: The final logos must have the OSgeo Ribbon integrated

Original Files

Concept1 (opens in Google Docs)

Concept2 (opens in Google Docs)

Ribbon Concept 3 (opens in Google Docs)

SteveC's ideas: File:SteveC-Logo.pdf