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This calendar is intended to help the Conference Committee and the Denver LOC determine the dates for FOSS4G 2011. Ideally, it would be a full week between mid-August and mid-December 2011. Please edit this page and add any conference or event that you feel would prevent you or others from attending FOSS4G if it were held at the same time. Please provide links out when possible.

There are two ways of doing this: List the events or list the dates. I have chosen to focus on the possible dates and note exceptions rather than try to list exceptions and figure out dates. Weeks are listed Sunday-Saturday. If you have a conference or event that spans a weekend, use your judgement as whether to mention on both weeks.

If you know of any potential conflicts but do not yet know the dates, please list them below the calendar.


Mon Start End Conference/Event
Aug 14 20
21 27
28 3
Sept 4 10 Labour Day (US & Canada - 5th)
11 17
18 24
25 1 InterGeo (Germany) Sept 27-29
Oct 2 8
9 15 Thanksgiving (Canada)
16 22 GeoInt (USA) Oct 16-19
23 29
30 5
Nov 6 12
13 19
20 26 Thanksgiving (US)
27 3
Dec 4 10 AGU 2011*
11 17 AGU 2011*

Potential Conflicts

Major Holidays Labour Day (Canada & USA) - Monday, September 5th Thanksgiving (Canada) - Monday, October 10th Thanksgiving (USA) - Thursday, November 24th


GeoInt 2011 Oct 25-28

InterGeo 2011 Sept 27-29

NACIS 2011 - North American Cartographic Infromation Society Annual Meeting. Dates not yet announced.

AGU 2011 - Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union. Attracts over 16,000 people. Held in San Francisco. Two different dates are given on the web.