FOSS4G 2013 Planning Meeting January 11th

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Ian Edwards, Ian Holt, Jo, Claire Gilmour, Barry, Suchith, Addy, Steven, Franz-Josef, Peter B, Jeremy, Mark

Sponsorship Update

Redacted for confidentiality reasons

Update from Academic track

Final call for papers has gone out on various channels no submissions as yet some reviewers have been invited system is working and is linked through from the FOSS4G website A reminder to go out on all channels asap

Update on Program

Call for papers out more work planned for voting for papers could use the AGI's survey monkey, or just a google form or Barry thought there was a plugin for WordPress JM to contact Paul Ramsay about using the anonymous system

Keynote speakers

1st day - 2-3 speakers Close Session - 2 key speakers Series of key stream speakers who set the "feel" for the day Top level sponsors who be invited to deliver stream keynote in appropriate session JM sending a message to Tim Berners Lee IH may be the person best placed to badger Shadbolt with an OS hat MI to speak to WorldBank Chris Vein SF to speak to Paul Ramsay (mailed 14/1/2013) Arnulf Christl might be as a good OS tag-team presentation with either Ian James/Vannesa MI to talk to Kate Chapman IH to talk to Ian James

Update on web site

Barry has done a great job


Registration can be up by the end of the month IF CG can get a list of the costs for each package. To do this SF and CG need to tie up the loose nds that will impact on pricing.

Hack IE will sort out a Hack Meeting about this before next meeting

Media Sponsorship

See forwarded mail from around 6 free media passes JC is taking this up and will liaise with the comms group.


BSR: I have something on this YouTube - MI - thinking about a panto. Shouldn't he be doing his PhD? Do we need after dinner speakers? Mike Parker always funny

Contract update

Marquee - not included in venue contract, deal with Field and Lawn directly. This avoids a 7% handling fee from the event. Hawthornes (elec contractors) seem helpful so looks easier to deal directly. CG to arrange meeting with them at AGI HQ. WiFi - details in contract include 9am-6pm support and if there are significant outages then they refund 50% of the WiFi fee. JM suspects they will not accept this, but it highlights the importance that the LOC place on the WiFi connection. JC remembers a complaint system from Victoria that would allow users who are having difficulties to log their complaint at the time. Having people register means we can monitor the numbers Hotel rooms - seems to be ok, minimum of 350?!? Need 2 cheques - i) 20k for venue ii) one for marquee but not sure how much.