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|Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
|Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
|Operations Manager
|Washington, DC  USA
|Washington, DC  USA
|HOT Summit Organizer, FOSS4G Liaison  
|HOT Summit Organizer, FOSS4G Liaison  

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Local Organizing Committee

Name Organization Sector Title Location Role
Msilikale Msilanga World Bank Geo Geospatial expert;
Geospatial Fellow at D-Lab, Dar es Salaam
Dar es Salaam Co-Chair of FOSS4G Dar es Salaam 2018
Giuseppe Sollazzo St George's, University of London Academia Open Data expert and activist
HPC lead / Senior Systems Analyst
Ketty Adoch GIZ/Map Uganda Energy GIS/Survey Consultant Kampala Member Communication and Outreach Committee
Mark Iliffe N-LAB Geo FOSS4G Chair London Co-Chair of FOSS4G Dar es Salaam 2018
Maria A. Brovelli Politecnico di Milano Geo GIS Professor
OSGeo Board
ISPRS Chair of WG IV/4
UN-GGIM Academic Network Task Team
Milan Co-Chair of FOSS4G AT Dar es Salaam 2018
Geoffrey Kateregga Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team,
Map Uganda
Community Community Mapping expert
GIS Specialist
Daniel K. Nanghaka Geo4Africa / ILICIT Africa Community GIS trainer /Executive Director Kampala
Yves Barthélemy OBSCOM Geo Geospatial expert
UNEP PCDMB Consultant
SUZA GEO Advisor
Ragnvald Larsen Mindland consulting Government Geospatial expert
Works with Norwegian Environment Agency.
Norway Program committee chair
Tim Sutton Kartoza / OSGeo various Geo / ICT Joint MD of Kartoza
Professional GISc Practitioner
Swellendam, South Africa ex FOSS4G 2008 LOC
Gavin Fleming Kartoza / OSGeo various Geo / ICT Joint MD of Kartoza
Professional GISc Practitioner
Johannesburg ex FOSS4G 2008 Chair
Enock Seth Nyamador OpenStreetMap Ghana / HOT Geo / ICT Community manager
GIS Trainer
Tarkwa Member Outreach & Communications Committee
Michael Terner TernerGeo Private Former Chair, FOSS4G Boston 2017 Boston, MA USA Sponsorship sub-group
Rachel VanNice Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Humanitarian Operations Manager Washington, DC USA HOT Summit Organizer, FOSS4G Liaison

Community Committee

Past Activities

Logo Contest

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Program Committee

Communication and Outreach Committee