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This is page is a try to create a central index of all available Video Tutorials and Screencasts about FOSS for GIS. It also describes how to publish videos at TIB-AV Portal.

OSGeo-related videos preserved at the German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB)

The German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB) ‒ Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology is a central specialised library, it is a national infrastructure facility for the provision of scientific information. TIB is actively collecting videos from past, current and upcoming OSGeo conferences and similar events.




All videos preserved by TIB receive a digital object identifier (DOI) to make them directly citable in scientific publications and wikis and blogs. Details on such video quotes

Where to publish your screencast

German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB)

FOSS4G cooperates with the German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB). TIB is one of the world’s largest specialised libraries for science and technology. It is publicly funded and has no commercial interest. TIB provides a scientific open access video portal (AV-Portal), where recordings from OSGeo conferences (in English and German) can be stored, long term preserved and made citable using persistent digital object identifers (DOI). TIB provides this services free of charge for OSGeo. If you wish to publish your video in the AV Portal, you have different options to do so:

How does TIB get the videofiles?

1. Contcat TIB ( and inform them that you would like to publish the videos from your conference

2. Make sure you have the permission form the speakers to publish the videos before

3. Sign a license document with TIB

4.1. Large data transmissions via an FTP server (prefered way): (to obtain the FTP access data, please contact

  • we have a user account FOSS4G (ask User:Astrid Emde for the access) to transfer the files easily to TIB

4.2. Single videos via the TIB AV-Portal upload form:

  • If you wish to upload a video, please register in the AV Portal and follow the instructions. The upload form helps * you to insert the metadata to describe the video.
  • Registration and upload steps:
    • Register via the respective tab on the AV Portal.
    • Log in by using your customer name and password.
    • Use the tab "Upload" and fill out the upload form.
    • Specify the publisher as „FOSS4G“ and title of series as „FOSS4G +year”
Requirements by TIB (if you do not use the upload form)
  • Create a directory for every video and metadata file. Save the video file in mp4 and the metadatafile in xml in the directory.
  • The name of the directory and the video file and the metadata file must be identical, so that they can be matched automatically.

For example:

  • folder with the name of the video file foss4g-2016-1215-mapproxy_in_practice-helle
    • name of the video file: foss4g-2016-1215-mapproxy_in_practice-helle.mp4
    • name of the XML-file: foss4g-2016-1215-mapproxy_in_practice-helle.xml
    • name of additional documents like slides: foss4g-2016-1215-mapproxy_in_practice-helle.pdf

How to generate the metadata files

What licence to use

Example 1: For the international community we recommend:

Creative Commons BY 4.0 International

Example 2: If the video is published in Germany and/or addresses the German community we recommend:

Creative Commons BY 3.0 Germany

Contact persons

at TIB:

If you have any questions regarding the publication process, please contact:

  • Lars Gottschalk (Tel.: +49 511 762-14224 ; E-Mail: lars.gottschalk (at)
  • Tolga Karaarslan (Tel.: +49 511 762-14227 ; E-Mail: tolga.karaarslan (at)

If you have any general questions about cooperation with TIB, please contact: Bastian Drees

at OSGeo:

  • Some OSGeo members worked together with TIB already (Astrid Emde, Till Adams). You are welcome to ask for information.

For more information see AV-Portal Info.

Hosting Portals

There are specialized hosting services for tutorials:


  • What about distribution the videos with a bittorrent-style distribution? Maybe OSGeo could provide the infrastructure for this?

Screencasts and Video List

this part is dedicated to short movies showing technical usage of FOSS GIS applications. Less than 10 mins each, please.

please add you contribute at the bottom of the list respecting the table layout

title and link author license duration format description
Mapping your Data Chris Schmidt not specified 4 min flash movie

Using QGIS, Mapserver and Openlayers to easily set up a web mapping application. Large description

GeoServer Tutorials Chris Holmes not specified many videos flash movie List of all official GeoServer tutorials
GRASS 6 Voxel tutorials Soeren Gebbert not specified many videos flash movie Using GRASS 6 to create 3D flow simulations etc.
FOSS GIS tutorials Aaron Racicot CC many videos flash movie Tutorials from Examples include building a new Linux GIS box and building QGIS using Python bindings...
FOSS4G2006 conference video memories Various not specified several videos quicktime movie Lightning Talks, Keynotes, Sponsor talks, ...
Riflessioni sul tema(tismo) Pibinko not specified 3min flash movie video
Sextante examples ( gvSIG) Victor Ayala CC several videos flash and avi Using Sextante with gvSIG

Presentations and long Speaches

Long public presentations of FOSS GIS softwares

title and link author license duration format description
TikiWiki Map Franck Martin not specified many videos flash movie Tutorials on setting up the TikiWiki map environment
Chris Holmes, GeoServer presentation at Google TechTalks Martin Weis not specified 54 min flash movie
  • Introduction to GeoServer,
  • GeoSpatial Open Standards,
  • GeoServer and Google Earth,
  • Future, towards collaborative data
Mapserver WMS on Google Earth Franck Martin not specified 11 min flash movie Another video on using WMS from mapserver with Google Earth.
? ? ? ? ? ?

GIS- and Geo-related Podcasts

Some suggestions from the hivemind (note these are not necessarily open source specific):

  • Directions Magazine offers regular podcasts. They occasionally have open source related content by Adena Schutzberg (Directions staff) and others.

How to do your screencast

please add your suggestions on how you did your screencast. Please try to use and suggest Free Software.