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GDAL/OGR Related ideas for the Google Summer of Code 2007:

  • Write an OGC WMS driver, likely somewhat modelled on the WCS driver implementation.
  • Implement a raster reader/writer for KML.
  • Implement vector KML reading.
  • Generally implement new file format drivers for geospatial raster or vector formats not already supported by GDAL/OGR.
  • Implement GeoPNG/GeoJPEG by embeding coordinate system and geotransformation information (possibly in GML) as chunks in PNG and JPEG files (see GML JP2 for a model of how this might be done).
  • Extend the OGR SQL parser to support some OGC SQL spatial function operators.
  • new feature Clip to Extents of other raster, paying attention to nodata (take Raster A, and clip out/erase all areas for which Raster B does not extend to or has nodata values)
  • new feature to Clip by Polygon, as above but use a vector polygon for the selection area(s)
  • new program: Command Line Helper. A gui to help build a gdal utilities (gdal_translate, gdalwarp, etc.) command line. I'm always getting confused about --config CACHE_MAX and -co compress=somedarnthing and --optfile somethingelse.txt and so on as a lot of them are specific to the output driver being used.
  • Provide GDAL Warp API to the language bindings
  • GML 3 support
  • OGR WFS read driver
  • Update drivers to use modern CPL utilities
  • Embed Python in GDAL to allow rapid prototyping/subclassing of drivers