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GDAL/OGR Related ideas for the Google Summer of Code 2007:

  1. Write an OGC WMS (Web Map Service) driver, likely somewhat modelled on the WCS driver implementation.
  1. Extend the existing KML vector feature writer to also support reading KML, and otherwise generalize this driver.
  1. Implement a raster reader/writer for KML.
  1. Generally implement new file format drivers for geospatial raster or vector formats not already supported by GDAL/OGR. GDAL Raster Driver Tutorial, OGR Driver Tutorial, Existing Raster Formats, Existing Vector Formats
  2. Implement GeoPNG/GeoJPEG by embeding coordinate system and geotransformation information (possibly in GML) as chunks in PNG and JPEG files (see GML JP2 for a model of how this might be done).
  3. Extend the OGR SQL parser to support some OGC SQL spatial function operators.
  4. new feature Clip to Extents of other raster, paying attention to nodata (take Raster A, and clip out/erase all areas for which Raster B does not extend to or has nodata values)
  5. new feature to Clip by Polygon, as above but use a vector polygon for the selection area(s)
  6. OGR WFS read driver
  7. Update drivers to use modern CPL utilities