GeoServer Budget 2021

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GeoServer 2021 Allocation

  • $2000 Funding approved from OSGeo Board
  • GeoServer Sponsorship and Donations
    • $550 GitHub Sponsorship Donations
    • $0 PayPal Donations
    • $0 Sponsorship

2021 OSGeo Budget Request

The GeoServer PSC requests a 2021 budget of $3000.

This is intended to cover:

  • $1000: Operational budget to assist any team activities
  • $2000: Facilitiate RnD / collaboration

Our project team did not run a sprint last year, we will look to fund against key technical challenges:

  • OGC CITE certification, we have some funds sponsored towards this work from 2019.
  • Common request to migrate from Jira to GitHub Issues (a lot of work)
  • Restore signed windows installer, target of $2000 towards build automation work
  • Restore signed macOS installer
  • If we have an opportunity to set up a sprint we will do so with an appropriate request to the board as part of their code sprint program.