GeoServer Code Sprint 2016

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The GeoServer web administration console is built on top of the Wicket 1.4.x series, which is pretty old and unmaintaned.

The purpose of the sprint is to update it to Wicket 7.x, the current stable version. Due to the large distance between the two releases and the number of backwards incompatible changes accumulated by Wicket in the years this will require the concerted effort of a handful of developers over a few days, including the changes to upgrade the code, and the thorough hand testing of the resulting modified interface.

Out of scope:

  • Changing the codebase to use a different library (the effort would be at least an order of magnitude bigger)
  • Improve the behavior of the current UI (we can make improvements at the end, once everything works, if time remains)


  • Jody Garnett - Boundless
  • Andrea Aime - GeoSolutions

Venue and dates

The code sprint will be held in Victoria BC to minimize travel costs. Boundless has offered to provide a venue (either the Boundless Victoria offices or a local technology centre).

The date is tentatively set for the week of January 18th.

This date is selected towards of the GeoServer 2.9 release cycle prior to the code freeze in February, keeping resource availability in mind.

Accomodation and costs

Participants should plan the travel, accomodation and meals.

We hope to raise enough financial support to cover long hauls from Europe, and possibly meals.


We have setup the sprint to minimize travel and accommodation costs, and are looking for sponsors primarily to cover residual travel costs.

  • OSGeo (pending)
  • Boundless
  • GeoSolutions

We will reach out to local organizations (BC Government, Refractions, Vivid Solutions) to see if there is interest in sponsorship. If so we expect to drag the developers away from the task at hand and meet the local community (at a social evening or similar).


Participation can be either in person or remote via IRC/Skype/Hangout (specific tool TBD based on who's participating)

  • In person*
# Participant Country Arrival Departure Accommodation Notes
1 Andrea Aime Italy - - TBD -
2 Jody Garnett Canada - - Home -
3 Kevin Smith Canada - - Home -
4 Torben Barsballe Canada - - Home -
5 Justin Deoliveira Canada - - TBD -

TBD: Depending on sponsorship level guests to Victoria will be hosted at or billeted with local community.

OSGeo Funding Request

The following information is requested by OSGeo Board Code_Sprint_Guidelines:

Basic Information

  • Audience: 10 people are expected
  • Region: Victoria, British Columbia
  • Projects: GeoServer
  • Length: 5 days
  • Venue: Boundless has generously offered their Victoria office for the activity, and offered to rent a local shared office space if necessitated by the number of attendees.

Expected budget


  • Attendee Registration: n/a
  • Venue: $1250 (at
  • In-kind: Above Venue
  • Cost per attendee (Local): $0
  • Cost per attendee (Italy): $1400 CAD (airfare)
  • Cost per attendee (US): $900 CAD (airfare)
  • Cost per attendee (Calgary, Canada): $400 CAD (airfare)


  • Third party sponsorship:
  • OSGeo sponsorship: $3000 towards travel costs

We would like to briefly acknowledge the difficulty of recording in-kind contributions of resources and staff given the OSGeo template. The bulk of the cost associated with code-sprint participation is reflected in staff availability, often far outstripping airfare and accommodation costs.

  • Boundless: 5-8 people
  • GeoSolutions: 2-3 people


This event is planned to incur a loss, given the short lead up time.

If any profit is amassed from sponsorship it will be returned to the OSGeo foundation.