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Basic Project Data

  • Project Name: Geoinformatica (names of the subprojects include libral and Gtk2-Ex-Geo among others)
  • Project Status Condition: Adult, but without a marketing and growth plan; and no strict governance
  • Project Web Site:
  • Project Contact: Ari Jolma (ari.jolma at
  • Short Project Description: Geoinformatica is made of a part in C, libral, and several Perl packages, which build on GDAL and GTK+ Perl bindings. libral is a simple raster algebra package at heart, but inlcudes a simple visualization library to render GDAL rasters and vectors to a memory canvas (pixbuf), which can be given to GDK (a GTK+ subsystem).

Project Infrastructure

Project Governance

  • Source Code License: LGPL and Artistic Licence
  • Documentation License: No licence
  • Copyright Assignment Policy: Copyright remains by the author
  • Decision Making Procedure: Not fixed
  • Coding Standards: K&R, perlstyle
  • Release Procedure: Not fixed

Project Deliverables

  • Latest Project Release: 16 Jun 2012