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Interested Mentors

Please first fill out the Google form mentioned at the top of: Google Code In 2017 Mentors

Effort for a Task

  • Each task is expected to take 3-5 hours of work to complete
  • Students have at least 3 days to complete the task

Types of Tasks

There are 5 types of Code-in Tasks in general:

Tasks related to writing or refactoring code
Tasks related to creating/editing documents and helping others learn more
Tasks related to community management, outreach/marketing, or studying problems and recommending solutions
Quality Assurance
Tasks related to testing and ensuring code is of high quality
User Interface
Tasks related to user experience research or user interface design and interaction

Beginner Tasks

  • A student can only complete a total of 2 beginner tasks
  • Each OSGeo project should specify that a task is a beginner task by including "[BEGINNER]" at the end of the task name

Example Tasks

Project Tasks

  • moved to private document on 2017-10-26

Bulk Uploading Tasks



NOTE: the python scripts for bulk uploading are written for Python2, these steps below were adapted for Python3:

  1. git clone api
  2. cd api
  3. check your Python version:
    • python -V
  4. install module "requests" through easy_install or pip:
    • easy_install requests
    • pip install requests
  5. (for Python3) in change print command on line# 46 to
    • print ('\t'.join([str(t['id']), t['name']]))
  6. (for Python3) in convert to an int on line# 52 to
    • next_page = int(
  7. (for Python3) in change print command on line# 81 to
    • print ('\t'.join(['OK', str(t['id']), t['name'], ]))
  8. (for Python3) in change print command on line# 84 to
    • print ('\t'.join(['ERROR', , t['name'], e.response.text]))
  9. (for Python3) in change instances of "urlparse" to "urllib.parse"

Export CSV

  • export your tasks from the Google spreadsheet (assuming you created a new sheet in the shared doc Code-in Bulk Upload Spreadsheet) as CSV (File/Download as/CSV), but before that be sure to:
    • make sure that the "categories" field is comma separated INTEGERs (see the "column definitions" sheet in Code-in Bulk Upload Spreadsheet)
    • verify that your dashboard PROFILE email address is the EXACT same as what you entered in the "mentors" field in 'Code-in Bulk Upload Spreadsheet' (otherwise your uploaded tasks will have empty/missing mentor)

List Tasks through Commandline

  1. see usage of
    • python --help
  2. get a list of tasks at the commandline
    • python --apikey [OSGeoKey]
      • should return something like:
    5126447435874304        gvSIG: Make a .....
    5172599543824384        gvSIG: Install.....
    5702068213907456        MapServer: Find and fix ....
    5723293673848832        gvSIG: Make a ....
    5761046167945216        gvSIG: Give a talk about ....
    5762611012435968        MapServer: Design a ....
    5765029615894528        MapServer: Install ....

Upload Tasks through Commandline

  1. see usage of
    • python --help
  2. upload your csv at the commandline
    • python -v --apikey [OSGeoKey] project-tasks.csv
      • should return something like:
  OK      6030299680997376        MapServer: Give a ....
  OK      5944469725642752        MapServer: Make a ....
  OK      5765029615894528        MapServer: Install ....
  OK      5702068213907456        MapServer: Find and fix ....
  OK      5770211091283968        MapServer: Fix ....