Incubation Committee Motion

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I, Frank Warmerdam, move that an Incubation Committee be formed to manage the process of incubating foundation projects.

The initial committee will include:

  • Frank Warmerdam (Chair)
  • Chris Holmes
  • Sean Gilles
  • Robert Bray
  • Daniel Brooksheir

The Incubation Committee has responsibilities to

  • Preparing and recommending incubation process and criteria to the board.
  • Reviewing applications for incubation and making recommendations to the board on projects that should be admitted into incubation.
  • Appointing a mentors for incubation projects.
  • Reviewing progress of projects against incubation requirements, and recommending projects for full project status to the board, when deemed appropriate.
  • Reporting on the status of projects in incubation and the incubation process to the board periodically (via Chair).


  • Incubation criteria will include at least a detailed review of intellectual property issues affecting new projects, and establishment of an appropriate governance mechanism for the project that can ensure new additions to the project are properly vetted for intellectual property problems.
  • The Incubation Committee should operate a public mailing list for discussion of policy and progress.
  • The committee should add and remove committee members as deemed appropriate.
  • The founding seven projects should be considered "already in incubation" and the committee can begin the incubation committee before a formal process and criteria are approved.