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The approved document has moved.

The following is a work in progress version of the Incubator Application. These are questions that all projects wishing to be hosted at OSGeo should answer. This form is used by the committee to consider the project.

  1. Project owner name and email:
  2. co-project owner names and emails:
  3. Project description:
  4. Why is hosting at OSGeo good for your project?
  5. Type of application (client, server, standalone, library, etc.):
  6. Relationships to other open source projects:
  7. Relationships with commercial companies:
  8. Open source license that the code is to use:
  9. Is there already a beta or official release?
  10. Origin of project (commercial, experimental, thesis or other higher education, government):
  11. Open standards supported? (OGC, w3c, ect.) Tested compliant? (CITE for example)
  12. Is the code free of patents, trademarks, and do you control the copyright?
  13. Number of current developers:
  14. Number of estimated current users:
  15. Numbers of committers
  16. Type of users (government, commercial, hobby, academic research, etc. ):
  17. If you are not hosting at OSGeo, why should you be considered a member project of the OSGeo Foundation?
  18. Do you have an automated build and test?
  19. What language(s) do you use? (C/Java/perl/etc).
  20. What is the dominant written language of the developers
  21. Estimated bandwidth usage