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At it's formation, the Open Source Geospatial Foundation agreed it was important that it be very international, and represent and weld together open source geospatial activities around the globe.

What is less clear is how to make this happen in practical terms. In order to provide a venue for more detailed discussion of international outreach, a mailing list ( has been created.

Some topics it might try and address are:

  • organizing translation of documents such as press releases, and web pages.
  • identifying Like Minded Regional Organizations, and making recommendations on how OSGeo ought to relate to them.
  • creating non-english mailing lists and local news pages.
  • recommending to the board what formal committees, projects or other mechanisms ought to be created
  • supporting translation of software packages.
  • publicizing projects, conferences and other activities: see Current events

International Mailing List

There is an international-discuss mailing list for discussions with broad topic area. This list is not formally designated as a committee with members, a chair and reporting responsibility to the board. To subscribe send

If a local area group is interested in having a local discuss list, please see Requesting an Area Mailing List.

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