Italiano Chapter Report 2009

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Italian Chapter

  • Contact name: Massimo di Stefano

Key Accomplishments

  • Substantial grassroots activities (numerous events in one year, following the numerous events in the previous years)
  • slowly increase in registered members
  • Legal Action towards ISTAT (with ASSOLI), then translated to committee for evaluation of geospatial requirements
  • QGIS (and GRASS) funding initiative (see qgis hackfest 2009 in Vienna)
  • New server hosted by Regione Toscana (for wiki, main web site, and sample data sets)
  • improved Relationship to OpenStreetMap community.
  • Great succes for the second edition of the GFOSS day held in Bolzano in November (approx. 260 participants).
  • During the year we had also a partecipation writing articles for "Rivista Geomedia", with quasi-monthly contributions. This is currently the only hard copy publication on the GIS market in Italy [16] events in 2009 :

  • 10th Italian GRASS/GFOSS meeting [1]
  • 4th Workshop Open Source, Free Software e Open format adopted in archaeological search [2]
  • and OSGEO sponsorship at the Matera's barcamp [3]
  • Bettersoftware Conference [4]
  • First National Meeting about OpenStreetMap : OSMit [5]
  • Italian conference about free-libre software - Bologna CONFSL [6]
  • Portofino mapping party [7]
  • OSGeo Hacking event Bolsena [8]
  • Dolomity Mapping Party [9]
  • Contribute to the FOSSFG live-dvd project [10]
  • FOSS4G - Sydney [11]]
  • ITN 09 "Infrastructure Telematic & Navigation" [12]
  • 2nd Meeting of Free Software for GIS (SASIG) Portugal [13]
  • QGIS Hackfest - Vienna [14]
  • 2nd GFOSS Day [15]
  • Google Summer of Code partecipation with 4 student-projects approved [17-20].

Areas for Improvement :

  • Opportunities to consolidate relationships with other associations with focus on open source software (not only GEO-)

Outlook for 2009 :

  • The new board will be elected in February 2010
  • Interest in providing additional momentum in Italy, and in connection with other European chapters, towards FOSS4G 2010