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It seems there is a call for collaboration between Java-based GIS projects like Jump and GeoTools, or uDig and gvSig every once in a while. This is an attempt to move from talk to action, since we usually just nod and say "yeah, we should collaborate" and it ends there.

Java-based GIS Projects

What components?

  • GeoAPI (OGC/ISO specifications)
  • GeoTools
  • JTS


People from each team who are taking part in this discussion:

OpenJUMP - Landon Blake (

uDig / GeoTools / GeoAPI - Cory Horner (chorner at



  • LGPL vs GPL: everyone can use the LGPL code; GPL code will get less reuse.


  • Different Feature Models. This makes it difficult to share code. For example, I can't just plug-in a data source from the GeoTools library because it won't give me JUMP Feature objects. It gives me GeoTools Feature objects, which I can't use. :] We can work towards a common Feature implementation, but that is difficult in many cases because so much existing code has been written. In the case of OpenJUMP a lot of code is written and also published bia public interfaces to plug-in developers, which makes it much harder to refactor code. (If you want to change things you break a lot of plug-ins.) One solution may be to design, produce, and maintain code that converts between the different object features.)


  • draw a picture (who is using what right now?)
  • have an IRC meeting and figure out where we can collaborate
  • a BOF at FOSS4G2007 ?

Opportunities for Collaboration

  • Systems built on JTS. (Spatial Relationship Constraints, Geometry Constraints, Topology)
  • GIS Components that don't depend directly on the existing feature models. (Annotation/Map Labels Model, Non-Spatial Features)